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Flippa is the largest small to mid price range website marketplace on the internet. If you’re selling or buying a website that’s worth between $100 and $50,000, chances are Flippa is a good place to do it.

If you’re looking above the $50,000 price range, you should probably talk to a business broker who specializes in online websites. For most flippers however, there is plenty of fish in the sea on Flippa.

Let’s take a look at Flippa from both the buyer’s side and the seller’s side.

Buying on Flippa

The first step to buying a website on Flippa is finding your ideal auction. There are a number of pre-sorted ways you can browse Flippa auctions that you can easily access on the left hand side.

You can also click on “Advanced” to sort your search results by a number of more sophisticated parameters. 

Each listing in the search results will have a number of important things displayed.

These are some of the most important things you can see at a glance in a search result:

  • The date the site was established.
  • The amount of visits per month.
  • The site’s PageRank.
  • The revenue the site generates.
  • The seller’s positive rating percentage.
  • How much money the seller has transacted on Flippa.
  • The time left in the auction.
  • The number of bids.
  • The number of comments
  • The price and BIN price.

Browse through the various listings and open up the ones that meet the criteria you’re looking for.

When you open up a site profile, you’ll be presented with the basic stats along the top.Flippa-Site-Stats

You’ll also be able to see claimed traffic and claimed revenue stats on the right.Flippa-Site-Stats-2

The most important thing to pay attention to is the auction’s attachments. Here is where you’ll find proof of traffic, revenue and other details.

As a rule of thumb, it’s much, much safer to only buy from sites that have verified Google Analytics data.Flippa-Attachments

Make sure that for whatever auction you’re considering, you read thoroughly read through the entire description, all the comments and browse through the site to see what you’re actually getting.
Selling on Flippa

Flippa is one of the best ways to sell a small to mid sized website. You have literally a horde of qualified buyers, all vying to give you the best price for your website. Instead of having to decide yourself how much you think your website will sell for, you can simply let the marketplace and the auction system decide how much your website is truly worth.

You start the selling process by going to https://flippa.com/sell and typing in your site URL.Flippa-Start-to-Sell

Flippa will present you with a list of required steps and recommended steps for selling your website.Flippa-Checklist

Simply click on each of these steps to setup your site auction. For example, if you click “Site Age,” the age box will popup. Fill out the date your site was created and the information will be added to your auction.Flippa-Site-Age

Rinse and repeat for every step.

Adding verified Google Analytics data is an optional step, but is highly critical to a successful sale.

Start by clicking on the “Add Verified Google Analytics Stats”Flippa-Add-Verified

Get the code provided by Flippa.Flippa-Get-Code

Then follow the on-screen instructions to have Google email a copy of the analytics to Flippa.

Once you’ve filled out all the required information and launched your auction, all you need to do is sit back and wait. If you get questions from your potential buyers, make sure to answer them in a timely and efficient manner.

That’s how to use Flippa to buy and sell websites. If you’re looking for a massive marketplace to both buy and sell websites, there’s no better place than Flippa.

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