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DigitalPoint is one of the largest online marketplaces for buying and selling websites online. It’s kind of a wild wild west of online marketplaces: You’ll find a very wide range of websites for sale, from total junk to hidden gems.

The trick to making money on DigitalPoint is to be able to find the bargain deals, as well as get top dollar for your own websites.

Here’s how to use DigitalPoint. The main section you want to be in is the Buy Sell Trade (Sites) section at: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/forumdisplay.php?f=52
Buying on DigitalPoint

Start by going all the way down to the bottom and clicking “Prefix.” Click “WTS,” which stands for “Want to Sell.” This will sort all the threads so you’re only seeing listings of websites for sale.Digital-Point-Click-WTS

You’ll then be presented with page after page of websites for sale. This is an example of what the forum might look like:Digital-Point-Auction-Examples

To learn more about any specific site, just click the thread title.

Once you’re in a specific listing, you’ll be presented with the site’s description. Sometimes you’ll have a lot of information, including proof of traffic and earnings data, while at other times listings will have scarcely any information at all.Digital-Point-Description

To make a bid for the site, type the amount you’re willing to pay in the Bid Amount. You can also setup an auto-bid at the same time.Make-a-Bid

If you’d rather just snatch up the website then and there, you can use the “Buy it Now” feature right under the “Sale Data” segment.Sale-Data-BIN

Those are the basic mechanics of buying a site on DigitalPoint. The challenge in DigitalPoint is that you have to go through many, many listings to find a good deal. That said, there are definitely good deals to be found at bargain prices.

Selling on DigitalPoint

To sell on DigitalPoint, click the “Post New Thread” button.Post-New-Thread

Select “WTS” for the prefix and choose an attention catching title.Prefix-Title

Select when you want the sale to end. You can also choose whether you want buyers to pay instantly after the sale.Sale-End

Setup the pricing for your auction. Set your starting bid, reserve price, bid increments and BIN price.Pricing-Details

Put in a few additional details about your site, such as the unique visitors, page views, revenue and whether or not the content is unique.Site-Details

Answer a few basic technical questions, such as where your domain is registered, your Alexa ranking and the number of backlinks you have.Technicalities

Finally and most importantly give a detailed description of your website. Make a strong case for why your site is a good business.Digital-Point-Description

Attach as much proof of traffic and revenues as you possibly can.

That’s how to use DigitalPoint to buy and sell websites. DigitalPoint is not as streamlined as Flippa, but there are definitely diamonds to be found in the rough.

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