Follow-Up System Lesson 12

A Follow-Up System

The new visitors you are sure to generate for your website are called “unique visitors.” Gaining unique visitors at a substantial pace is well and good, but for sustainable success, you should not rely on new visitors alone.

And you don’t have to lose old ones.

You must give your visitors a reason to come back. Constantly updating your content would help. But you need something more, something that will remind them that your website exists and that they should try visiting your pages once more.

The best way to do this is through a follow-up system.

A follow-up system, also called an autoresponder, a mailing list or an opt-in list, is a system that will allow you to capture the contact details of your visitors so that you are able to reach them in the future and invite them to return to your website.

The heart of a follow-up system is an excellent autoresponder service.

I only have one recommendation for this. The Awber service is amazing. It’s more than just your ordinary autoresponder, you see. It is loaded with fantastic features that can accommodate your subscribers and all of your mailing lists. Do you need a mailing list for several online businesses that you want to keep separate from each other? Aweber is the one for you, then. You won’t have to pay separately for each of your mailing lists. You only have to subscribe to but one account.

Your visitors will have to sign up for your mailing list.

To do this, you have to give them something of value. Here are some suggestions:

· Offer them a newsletter and commit to deliver an issue on a regular basis.

· Offer them a free eBook, special report, or other digital product as a reward for their subscription.

· Sponsor a contest, with your visitors’ subscription serving as their entry forms.

Capturing their contact details and having them subscribe to your mailing list would help build good relationships with your subscribers. This will ensure for your website a consistent pool of visitors, which will in turn ensure the sustainable traffic that you’ll need.

Really, there is no better option than Aweber. But if you wish to try your luck on other autoresponder services, here are some questions you have to ask:

1. How many accounts can you create with their system? Some business plans require you to have different accounts for different products.

2. How many lists can you build? There are also some business plans that require different lists for different groups of clients.

3. How many follow-up messages can you preset?

4. How many subscribers can the system hold? And correspondingly, how many subscribers can the system respond to?

5. How much customization is allowed? You need to make your subscribers feel special somehow, so the names included in your message, as well as some parts of the message itself, should be customizable.

6. How can the system gather prospective subscribers? The process should be simple and convenient; otherwise, the target’s patience will just be tried.

7. Will you be able to send your messages in .html and .doc formats?

8. Will you be able to track your subscribers for the purpose of target marketing?

9. Is the scheduling system fully automated?

10. Is the autoresponder easy to use?

Only if the autoresponder service can offer the features above can you consider it a good investment for your online enterprise.

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