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Let’s forget about money for a minute.

I think money is making people fail.

Or maybe more importantly, making people start wrong. And if you start wrong, well, you go wrong. And if you go wrong you end up wrong. And wrong would certainly lead to no money, the very thing that got you moving in this direction in the first place.

“How can I make money online FAST?”

“How can I make money online FAST?”

“How can I make money online FAST?”

“How can I make money online FAST?”

That’s the question that comes in most.

Well, I’ll give you the answer and then we’ll get back to the REAL topic.

How to make money fast on the internet.

Step 1: Find a product with a $500+ payout per sale.

Step 2: Create a site for that product as an affiliate.

Step 3: Buy $1,000 worth of targeted traffic

Step 4: After traffic hits and there are no sales tweak your sales process.

Step 5: Repeat Step 3

Step 6: Repeat Step 4

Step 7: Repeat steps 3 & 4 until your successful.

Step 8: Once you get your system down, then scale it out.

See how simple it is?

Ok, now back to forgetting money.

If you want to start right do not start with money. Start with internal conflict.

Find a vision of what should be and what could be and let that become your platform.

When I started is was because of conflict.

“Boring speakers and the audiences who’ve slept through them.”

We’ve all sat through dull, dry speakers. (Some even call themselves professionals.)

Well, that’s ridiculous.

There’s no reason for a person to give a boring speech. Maybe everyone can’t be hilarious or fascinating. But everyone CAN share great content. Everyone can.

So I wrote a book about it. And thousands of speakers are giving better speeches. And hundreds of thousands, if not millions of listeners are grateful (and they don’t even know I exist).

And having sold thousands of copies of the ebook, and the confidence course, and the speaker’s profit system. Well, well, well what do you know? I ended up with money too.

But it didn’t start with the money. It started with conflict.

What market conflict can you solve?

Success is NOT an Accident,


  1. Well, suppose my conflict is, I don’t have enough money? LOL

    Seriously, you always seem to shed new light on any subject you speak about in print and I am guessing in person as well.


  2. Paul,
    This advice could have saved me a lot of time and money when I got started. I can see a true path to success now thanks to your instruction. I have discovered my vision of what should be and could be, and now I am working toward it. It is funny how it was with me all along, and I just didn’t realize it. Newbies! Listen very carefully to what Paul is telling you here. Print this off and tape it to your mirror so that you see it every morning. If you don’t, you will wonder where the money and time spent on your success went. Be wise and heed the voice of someone who has integrity, instead of being taken by the snake oil salesmen that you find everywhere else. Do yourself a favor, and unsubscribe from them now. Listen to Paul. He’s got the results to back it up. Online. Offline. Research it.

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