Getting Started Lesson 1

I’d like to welcome you to this first course.

Some lessons will be enriched by resources you can download, links you can visit and videos you can watch.

The purpose of all lessons in this course is to show you a way to send traffic on demand on any site – based on the keywords you have selected.

We will primarily be using Google for our search engine to get traffic to our site – free traffic that is.

The logic is simple:

  • We want to discover a keyword or keyphrase that is consistently searched for every month.
  • We want to create a site that will promote a product related to that keyphrase.
  • That product can be one that has a good standing in Clickbank and gives good commissions.

Simple, right?

It is.

The factors that make the plan “difficult” are:
a) your ability to follow instructions and implement these steps here and
b) the CONSISTENCY required by the plan.

Follow all steps on the letter, be consistent and results will come.

It’s that simple.

So again the plan is:

  1. find a keyphrase that has a respectable volume of searches online,
  2. build a site focused on that keyphrase,
  3. promote a related product.

That is the BASIC plan. Once you master the basic plan you can then expand it and add additional income streams.

For example: upsell more related products.

You can use this plan in order to promote ANYTHING you want:

  • a site where you sell a product of yours,
  • a product you promote as an affiliate,
  • a site where you want to generate traffic for getting paid through ads,
  • etc.

I am not going to suggest to you anything you CANNOT do.

Remember the days you were in school.

Each lesson consisted of

  • the knowledge, theory
  • the practical applications, experiments and/or examples,
  • the homework: the exercises.

I am not sure what type of a student you are, but I didn’t want to have someone doing my work. You see… since the “teacher” said that I had to solve the exercises, I assumed that all the answers were delivered by the lessons’ theory and examples. But no matter how it came to me, I had to do it alone.

That’s the same thing here. This is the case with every challenge you face online. The good news is TODAY you can do an easy search for any problem you may be having. Type your specific question in Google or YouTube and see what comes up. Chances are you’ll have a tutorial for what you need right there in front of your face.

Work on the lessons.
See Google as your instant tutor.
Answers are there.
And move on – as all other students do.


The goals we will try to reach with this course are the following:

1. To master the art of finding a profitable niche.

2. To learn how to build an effective website around the niche you choose.

3. To learn how to monetize your website with PPC, affiliate programs, and even your own products.

4. To know the search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that will make your website rank high in search engine results pages (SERPs.)

5. To discover powerful strategies that will generate loads upon loads of visitors to your website.

6. To learn how to ensure and maintain your website’s excellent performance.

7. To know how to repeat the process.

8. To know when to repeat the process.

And of course, the ultimate aim here is to help you build a niche website which can start earning within 30 days. From this initial website, you can pattern the creation, as well as the success, and build out from there. The next lessons be found here on this blog. If you’re on Lesson 1 and don’t see lesson 2, do a search for Lesson 2. But we’ve tried to include the lessons where they’re easy to find and sequential.

By the end of this course, you should be able to build websites with no problem. But please remember this is not your main ticket to success. Your input is just as valuable as the knowledge we will share here. We will show you how to do things properly, but you have to enact them yourself.

Ask any blogger, marketer, and business person who has made thousands, if not millions, of dollars with their websites and they’ll tell you that one day, or even one week, won’t be enough to realize the best success that can be found with niche sites. The things you will do will take a little time to get you some results. You will first have to plant the seeds.  You have to be patient in order for them to grow.

We want to show you how to build a niche website and gain the best success possible within 30 days.

And the lesson commences.

But first, let’s put things in proper perspective. Please be realistic. Set doable goals.

Let’s look at some improbabilities:

. You won’t be able to make a million bucks within 30 days. Not even Donald Trump could do that every month when he was new in the business. It takes time to reap success with niche marketing.

. You won’t realize substantial profit within a week from a niche site’s publication. Again, it takes time (and traffic) before you are able to gain good income from one website.

. Any offer that promises you a ton of money in a miraculous time frame, you should approach with extreme caution. Chances are it’s a lie.

. There will come a time when your website can accumulate substantial residual income from PPC programs, but not immediately. You have to work hard to establish it as a profitable website that can compete with similar sites from other people. This is what this course is all about.

. Though your website will eventually earn for you some passive income, you’ll have to make some adjustments throughout its existence.

Yes, the lessons you will learn from this course will arm you with everything that you need to know on creating and maintaining a highly profitable website, completely monetized for PPC programs and other money making opportunities. You will know specific strategies that will win for your web pages amazing volumes of traffic that will place you in good positions in the search engines.

But these cannot be achieved overnight.

A lot of work needs to be done before we can ensure success for this undertaking.

But we will do this together and we will eventually get there. I will show you the way, but always remember that you’re the one who has to walk the walk, alright?

Now, let’s get to the day-to-day lessons.

Day One: Brainstorming An Idea

It all starts with an idea.

A website is a tool you can use to share information. The first question you have to ask yourself is: what information should you share?

Naturally, you’d want a topic that is closer to home, so to speak. You’d want a topic that you’re very familiar with. You will be able to share more about a subject because of previous experiences, unbridled passion, or overflowing interests. You’ll be able to save up on research time that may be required in preparing the conveyance of information about the said topic.

Spend this day finding an idea. How can you do this?  Try to answer the following questions:

1. Do you have some hobbies that you love?

2. Have you traveled to some fascinating places that made you know the territory as well as the culture?

3. Where would you rather be right now?  How familiar are you with that place?

4. Have you had any work experience that made you develop some amazing skills that not a lot of people know about?

5. Are you a fan of any particular sport?  Do you know the rules, the mechanics, and the personalities involved with such a sport by heart?

6. Do you have a particular area of interest that caused you to buy multiple products?  Are you familiar and are you passionate about these products?  Do you think you could write some reviews about them?

7. Do you enjoy doing a particular activity every day?

8. There are times when you simply don’t want to work, right?  During these times, you wish you were doing something else. What are these things you’d rather do whenever work seems so boring?

9. What are you good at?  Giving advice to people?  What kind of advice?

10. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn?  Though you may not be familiar with the subject right now, your interest can motivate you to get to know it in the next few months.

Spend the whole day brainstorming an idea that you would love to pursue. I used the word “love” because it is not enough that you’re slightly interested in the idea. You must have a certain fondness for it. This will motivate you to come up with updates for your website later on.

Don’t hesitate to consult with family and friends and seek their help.

Then, make a list of the ideas that come to mind. The longer the list is, the better your chances are of finding a very profitable subject for your moneymaking website.

Keep this list, as we will refer to it again tomorrow.


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