Three Goals

Do you ever feel like giving up? Feel like packing it in?

Jeanette sent in this “testimonial.” Read it and then I’ve got some ideas to rev you up…

Hi Paul,

Has anyone told you, you are awesome today?  Well, consider being told right now.

You are my HERO!!!  Let me just tell you why real quick.

I’ve been working my way through “Simple 6″ and your wonderful NOI training videos everyday now.

I put up a new site in 3 days all by myself!

I could hardly believe it. I was scared to death of C-Panel and barely knew WP.

You’re SO good, I’m a little scared to tell people… you’re like my secret weapon now!

Let me say - I seriously was about to give up about 2 weeks ago.

I was so TiReD of getting ripped off, so TiReD of trying to figure it all out by myself, I shut my lap top after 3-4 years of “trying” and “training”. (I got a lot done, but hardly made any sales.)

But then, like some miracle, I found your free videos on YouTube, and I actually just cried.

You literally saved me from giving up.  Thank you so much for being there for people like me.


01: If you feel like Jeanette…

Tired of getting ripped-off.

Ready to give up.

Closing the laptop.


… you’re not alone. EVERYONE feels like this at some point. Even all the folks claiming that making money online is “easy street.”

So if you’re jaded, beat down and worn-out at times > no problem. It’s NORMAL!

02: Repeat PROVEN Steps

Jeanette simply watched videos and followed the steps. She may credit me, but SHE did the WORK.

You might get tired of me saying this, but making money online is really simple.

Traffic > List > Offers.

Just stay with the tried and true over and over.

03: Go RESCUE Your Market

“You saved me from giving up.”

That’s one of the BIG reasons I chose the internet marketing niche even though I serve several markets.

Do the same for your niche.

Instead of focusing on surface goals… “Get a #1 ranking on Google.”

Go deeper…

“Get a #1 ranking on Google so I can help as many people in (my niche) as possible. I can prevent them from getting duped and scammed.”

That’s a much stronger motivation.

If all you think about is making money. You “might” make some.

If all you think about is helping people, you WILL make money.

What if you got CONSUMED with helping as many people as possible? What if all you thought about was ways to get your message out to as many in your market as possible? What would happen? Yep, you would make money.

You CAN make it. Don’t give up.

Success is NOT an Accident!


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