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By becoming a publisher on Google AdSense, you make your website available to the largest pool of advertisers on the planet. Google will gather data on your website and contextually display advertisements from a pool of thousands of possible advertisers.

To sign up for Google AdSense, follow these steps.

Step 1: Preparing to Register 

In order to sign up for Google AdSense, you first need to have a website. The website should be well designed and have plenty of original content.

You only need to sign up once for AdSense. Once you have an AdSense account, you can use it for any and all websites you own. However, in order to actually get an AdSense account, you need to have one website for Google to look at and approve.

Use your best website for the signup process. In a way, this is like putting your best foot forward. Show Google that your websites are of high quality and that their publisher network will be better off with your website there.

You should also read over all the AdSense policies and terms. Webmasters who unwittingly violate the terms risk getting their accounts suspended. It only takes about 20 minutes to read over all the rules; well worth the time investment to reduce the risk of accidental suspension.

Start the application process at:

Step 2: Specify Website URL

Specify the website that you want Google to review. Specify also the primary language of the website.

Check the two boxes that say you won’t incentivize clicks and won’t place ads on pornographic websites.Google-AdSense-Specify-Website-and-Language

Step 3: Add Contact Information

Add your contact information. Make sure your name and billing address are 100% correct, as that’s the name and address the checks will be written to.

The account type will tell Google whether to write the checks out to a company name or to a personal name. Google-AdSense-Add-Contact-Information

Step 4: Agree to Terms and Submit

Agree to the terms and conditions and click submit to submit your site to Google for review.Google-AdSense-Agree-to-Terms-Submit

Then you wait. If Google decides that your website is of sufficient quality to be on their network, you’ll soon have a working AdSense account. If not, you’ll receive notice that your site was denied.

Note that even when you do get your AdSense account, you won’t be paid out until you reach your first $100. When you reach your first $100, that’s when the “real” approval process happens. Every site that reaches the $100 mark is again reviewed by a real human.

If Google doesn’t find your traffic acceptable at the $100 mark, your account will be disabled and the $100 won’t be paid out. On the other hand, if you get paid your first $100, that means you’ve passed all of Google’s hurdles and now have a fully fledged AdSense account.

That said, once you have your initial AdSense account, how do you actually use it? Here’s how.

Setting Up Ads in Google AdSense

Step 1 – Click My Ads, New Ad Unit

To start the ad creation process, go to the “My ads” tab and click “New ad unit.” Google-AdSense-My-Ads-New-Ad-Unit

A drop down box for creating your new ad will appear.

Step 2 – Name, Size and Ad Type

Name your ad. Select its size and choose whether you want text only or images and rich media as well. Google-AdSense-Name-Size-Ad-Type

Step 3 – Stylize Your Ad

Choose the display options for your ad. This includes the color, background, border and the fonts.

In general, the more you can make your AdSense ad unit look like your page, the higher your click through rates and the higher your earnings.Google-AdSense-Ad-Style

Step 4 – Channels and Tracking

Choose the channels you want to associate with this ad. Channels are properties that you can “tag” on to ad units. Later on, you can search by channels and see how each channel and groups of channels performed.

For example, if you tagged all your red ads with the channel “Red”, you could later sort for all the red channels and see how they all performed individually and as a group.

Select the channels you want to tag your ads with here. If you haven’t created any channels, just click “Create new custom channel” to create a channel on the spot.Google-AdSense-Custom-Channels

Step 5 – Submit and Get Code

Click submit and get code to save all your changes and generate the HTML code to place the ad unit on your site. Google-AdSense-Generate-and-Upload-Code

Copy and paste this code to your site. Give it 10-20 minutes before expecting the ad to appear.

That’s all there is to it! You’ve now registered for AdSense and created your first AdSense ad. Place up to 3 ad units on any given page to receive the maximum return per visitor.

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