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How to Create a Campaign in AdWords Editor

Using AdWords Editor instead of the online interface for Google Adwords will speed up everything in your online business. AdWords Editor gives you the upper hand in speed and power.

You can download AdWords Editor here:

Once you have AdWords Editor, the first step is to create your first campaign.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Campaigns” TabGoogle-Adwords-click-campaign

To access the campaigns navigation, click on the Campaigns tab on the far right of the main window.

Step 2: Click “Add Campaign” and Select “Add CPC Campaign”

Click the “plus” button in the upper left corner and select “Add a New CPC Campaign”Google-Adwords-Add-CPC-Campaign

Step 3: Name Your Campaign and Select the StatusGoogle-Adwords-Campaign-Name

Name the campaign something you’ll remember. If you plan on having both search and content network campaigns, it helps to have a naming convention you’ll remember.

For example, you can name all your search campaigns “S: Campaign Name” and content network “CTN: Campaign Name.” This allows you to distinguish your campaigns at a glance.

Under “status,” you select Pause until you’re ready to launch the campaign. If you select active, the campaign will be running the moment you create it.

Step 4 – Select Your NetworksGoogle-Adwords-Select-Your-Networks

The next step is to select where your ads will run.

Generally, you never want to run a Search campaign and a Content Network campaign out of the same campaign. Only turn one or the other on.

Google Search and “Search Network” both provide a similar quality of traffic, though in the beginning you may want to just start out with Google Search. Google Search will give you just the highest quality and highest price traffic, while Search Network will give you slightly higher volume of traffic and slightly lower bids, but also likely lower conversions.

If you have no idea if your campaign will convert or not, it’s best to start with Google Search only. If you’re already getting conversions, then test out the Search Network as well.

Step 5 – Set Your Budgets & Run DatesGoogle-Adwords-Set-Budget

The next step is to select your budget and your end dates.

Setting a good budget is crucial. You need to give yourself enough room that you’re not narrowing the traffic too little to get data, but also so you don’t overspend.

The start and end date will help you setup a test run if you only want to run for a short period of time rather than an indefinite campaign.

Step 6 – Set Your Location and Language Targeting

The next step is to select your location and language targeting.Google-Adwords-Select-Campaign-Language

These two options will appear as small, almost easy to miss options at the bottom. However, selecting the right location targeting can make a big impact on your campaign.

Click “edit” to bring up the location window:Google-Adwords-Location-Details

From here, you can select specifically what countries, states and cities you want to target.

Once you’ve created your campaign name, set your campaign status, selected your networks to run on, created your budget and selected your location and language – You’re done! You have a campaign and you’re ready to start creating ad groups.

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