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How to Create an Ad Group

Your Ad Groups are the primary way to group keywords with the ads they’ll be displaying.

Step 1: Go to the Ad Group Tab


Switch to the Ad Group tab on the top to access the Ad Group interface.

Step 2: Select Add Ad Group


Select “Add Ad Group” to add your first Ad Group.

Step 3: Rename your Ad GroupGoogle-Adwords-Adgroup-Name

Choose a name that makes it easy for you to know what’s in the Ad Group. For example, an overarching theme between all the keywords in an Ad Group.

Step 4: Set Your Ad Group BidGoogle-Adwords-AdGroup-Bid

The Ad Group bid only matters if you’re not bidding on a keyword level. If you intend to set different bids for broad, phrase and exact matches, the Ad Group bid doesn’t actually matter.

If you’re using the Ad Group bid to set your bids, then set your bid as you normally would. If you’re setting your bids on a keyword level, then just set your Ad Group bid at 20% above your top bid. In other words, if you plan on bidding $1 a click, then bid $1.20 on your Ad Group bid.

Step 5: Make Sure These Are BlankGoogle-Adwords--Make-Sure-Blank

Make sure you’re only bidding on one of the options. You never want to run a content network and a search network out of the same campaign or the same Ad Group.

That’s it for the basics of adding an Ad Group!

Step 6: Learning the “Add Multiple” Function (Optional)

Once you’ve used AdWords editor for some time and you’re ready to take it to the next level, you’ll want to learn how to use the “Add Multiple Ad Groups” function. Adding every Ad Group takes a very long time.

Using the Add Multiple Ad Group function, you can add as many Ad Groups as you want to all at the same time. You can literally add hundreds of Ad Groups all at once! In fact, that’s how most larger businesses do it – They add many, many Ad Groups at the same time.

Obviously doing so one by one simply would not work. Once you get to the point where you want to be creating ten Ad Groups at a time or more, then it’s time to learn how to create multiple Ad Groups at the same time.

To do so, start by clicking on the “Add Multiple Ad Groups” to bring up the Add Multiple Ad Groups window.Google-Adwords-Add-Multiple-Box

Here’s what the Add Multiple Ad Group window looks like:Google-Adwords-Add-Multiple-AdGroups

Open up an Excel spreadsheet and label the columns as indicated in the Add Multiple Ad Groups box:Google-Adwords-Excel-Example

Then simply copy and paste all the cells into the Add Multiple Ad Groups interface:Google-Adwords-Multiple-AdGroups-Paste

Make sure you don’t paste the first row of the Excel spreadsheet that contains the labels rather than Ad Group data. (Campaign name, Ad Group, etc.)

Once you past the campaign data, click “Next.” You’ll be prompted with a confirmation box.Google-Adwords-Finish-Adding-AdGroup

Click “Finish” to add all the Ad Groups at once.

There you have it – That’s how you add multiple Ad Groups at the same time. There is literally no limit to how many Ad Groups you can add. Advanced marketers often add hundreds, sometimes thousands of Ad Groups at a time.

If you’re just getting started, start with learning your way around with one Ad Group at a time. As you get more experienced and want to do more complex things at a higher speed, then learn how to use Excel to add many Ad Groups at the same time.

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