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How to Add Keywords and Select Match Types

Your keywords are the mainstay of your campaign. They will make or break your business.  Learning to quickly and efficiently add and edit your keywords will allow you to make the changes you need to see results, fast.

Here are the steps to adding keywords to your campaigns and Ad groups.

Step 1: Switch to the Keywords Tab

Switch to the Keywords tab at the top to start adding keywords.Google Adwords

Step 2: Click on Add Keyword

To start adding keywords to your AdGroup, click the “Add Keyword” button within the Keywords tab. Google Adwords

Step 3: Select the AdGroup to Add Keywords

Choose your campaign and adgroup from the drop down list and click OK.Google Adwords

Step 4: Type in Your Keyword

Type in the keyword you want your ad to display for.Google Adwords

Step 5: Select Your Match TypeGoogle Adwords

There are three match types to choose from:

Broad Match – Shows your ad any time someone types in a search with all the words in your bid. For example, if you typed in “Cheap Mattress” your add will show for “Cheap Air Mattress” because both the work “cheap” and “mattress” were in the search query.

Phrase Match – Shows you ad any time the keyword is displayed in the order it was typed in. For example, if you bid on “Cheap Mattress,” your ad would show for “Find a Cheap Mattress in Chicago” but not “Cheap Air Mattress,” because the first has both words in the right order while the latter has “Air” in the middle.

Exact Match – Your ad only shows when someone types in exactly what you’re bidding on. For example, if you bid on “Cheap Mattress,” someone would have to type in exactly “Cheap Mattress” for your ad to show.

Note that each match type is considered a different keyword. So if you wanted to bid on “Cheap Mattress” with Broad, Phrase and Exact matches with different bids for each, you should add your keyword three times and select different bids for each.

Step 6: Select Your Bid

Put in your bid to choose how much you want to pay per click.

Google Adwords

Step 7: Add a Keyword Destination URL (Optional)Google Adwords

There are two places to put in your destination URL: At the keyword level or in the ad level.

Generally, most people use the destination URL on the ad level rather than on the keyword level. However, if you want to have different keywords go to different URLs while running the same ad for them, then the Keyword destination URL is a great way to do that.

That’s it! Once you’ve typed in your keyword, selected your bid and match type and chosen your destination URL, you’re done with adding a keyword.

Just to give an example, if you created three keywords with different bids for each match type, this is how it should look:Google Adwords

Step 8: Adding Multiple Keywords (Optional)

Though AdWords editor can help you speed up just about anything in AdWords, where it really shines is in its advanced features like adding many keywords at once.

How long would it take you to add 2,000 keywords in the online interface? Months! Yet with the “Add Multiple Keywords” function, it’ll take you less than 20 minutes.

Here’s the rundown on how to add multiple keywords at once.

First, start by clicking the Add/Update Multiple Keywords button under the “Make Multiple Changes” options.Google Adwords

This will pop up the add multiple keywords window:Google Adwords

To add a large range of keywords, start an excel spreadsheet with the columns as outlined by the box above. In this case, the data AdWords editor needs is Campaigns, AdGroup and Keyword, with match type, bid, destination URL and status being optional.

Here’s an example of what such a spreadsheet might look like, if you were doing one keyword per AdGroup with different bids for Broad, Phrase and Exact matches.Google Adwords

To add all these keywords to your campaigns, simply copy and paste the whole spreadsheet, minus the first row which just contains the labels, into the Add Multiple Keywords box.

Once you paste it in, click the “Next” button.Google Adwords

Click the “Finish” button and all your keywords will be added to your campaigns! You can literally add thousands of keywords at once using this method.

You now know how to add keywords one by one by hand, as well as how to add thousands of keywords at a time in minutes.

Start first by learning your way around through just a few keywords. Once you’re successful with a few keywords, then start adding more and more keywords. Using the multiple keywords interface will save you a ton of time in the long run once you get to the point where you’re adding many keywords.

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