Google Adwords Part 4 How to Add and Split Test Ads

How to Add and Split Test Ads

Step 1: Select the “Ads” Tab

Switch over to the Ads tab to start adding ads.Google Adwords

Step 2: Click “Add Text Ad”

Click “Add Text Ad” to add a text ad.Google Adwords

For search, text ads are the only option. For display advertising, you can use image ads as well as text ads.

Step 3: Edit Your HeadlineGoogle Adwords

Write an attention catching, accurate and compelling headline to get people to read your ad.

Your ad headline can be as long as 25 characters and can contain symbols like %, $, etc.

Step 4: Write Your Description Lines

The next step is to write your description lines.Google Adwords

The description lines should compel your readers to click on the link below. The description lines can be 35 characters or below.

Step 5: Write Your Display URLGoogle Adwords

Your display URL should capture people’s attention and compel them to click. There are a few different options you can choose from with your display URL: – Sentence Case – Lower Case – No WWW’reLookingFor/ – A subfolder that draws even more attention

Most people generally start with sentence case, then split test different options for capitalizations, www and subfolders to determine what gets the highest CTR in their field.

Step 6: Destination URL

The final step is to tell Google where to actually send people when they click on your ad.Google Adwords

Note that this can be different than your display URL. Your display URL is what people see on your ad on Google. When they actually click on your ad, you can send them to a specific page o your website.
If you want to do so, here is where you’d type that in.

Step 7: Split Testing Ads

In order to figure out what kind of ad copy will convert best in the long run, split testing is absolutely crucial.

To split test an ad, simply create another ad using the process outlined above.
Once you have your two ads, make sure the status is “Active” on both of them, as shown below:Google Adwords

Google AdWords will automatically split your traffic between all your active ads.
You now know how to create an ad in AdWords!

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