03 Google Plus Profile for Business

Your profile page is the one place you can go to manage your entire Internet networking and marketing. Google Plus makes it easy to do anything and everything you need to do online right there in Google. It is most convenient and an important time saver for any business owner.

Notice which button at the top brings you to profile page (shown below.)

Click your “About” button, which is underlined in red in the screenshot, to input all of your business information and link to your website. When you arrive on the “About” page, click “Edit Profile.”

Write an introduction that summarizes your business, what you do and what you sell. Make it clear to people who find you that they have found the right person.

Google has categories on this “About Me” page that include “Occupation” and “Bragging Rights.” Bragging Rights may include any awards your have won, or certificates you have earned.

Include your education, as it is relevant to your position as business owner.

“About Me” has a section in which you may upload links. You must put links to your webpage here! Consider including more than one link; for example, have a link to your website’s homepage, a link to your website’s list of products, and any other page you would like to showcase.

Include other ways for people to find you and your business on the Internet in the “Links” section. For example, include your Twitter account, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn identification. This is your opportunity to help people recognize you and find you on the Internet. Your associates from other sites will be thrilled to find you on Google +/+1. Everybody wants to be on Google +/+1.

This “About Me” page also gives you the option of including personal information, such as marital status and home phone number. As a business owner, you should use these categories with caution. Keep your online persona professional and you will earn more respect from your colleagues and customers alike.

When you are content that you have included all of the professional information others need to contact you through your business, click “Done Editing.”


As you can see, “Photos” and “Videos” are also underlined above. You may click on these categories to upload photos of your products or information videos about your business. Offering photos and videos keeps people engaged and will result in more people visiting your website and purchasing your goods or services.

Make note, however, that the Google +1 button and the Buzz buttons are the most important buttons on your Google Plus profile page. +1 and Buzz are Google Plus’ Internet marketing and bookmarking tools. Using these services will drive traffic to your website in droves.


You must have the Google +1 button on your website. Google +1 is the best way to allow users to recommend your business to others.

After setting up your profile page, you need to view it as others will see it. This is the best way to know how you look to others, and gives you the opportunity to fix mistakes and optimize your profile for business.

On your Profile page, click “View profile as…”


This view is how others see your “About” page. The current view for this person’s Google Plus account is how anybody on the web sees it. You may, however, type in a web address or email and see how your account looks specifically to those people.

You can check how your posts look to others, and you can monitor how your bookmarks on Buzz look to others. This is a powerful and necessary tool for business owners. Businesses need to maintain the impression they give to associates and customers, so this ability to see how others see you is a vital tool in Google +/+1. Images and first impressions on the Internet often determine whether someone is interested in your business and will visit your site, or go elsewhere and never return. Take advantage of the opportunity to monitor how you appear on Google +/+1 to others.

In the screen shown above, you may edit your profile to improve it, or simply click “Done.”

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