How to Make Money with Kindle Part 2

Uploading Your Book

Once you’ve formatted your book in a Kindle compatible format, it’s time to upload your book. In order to do so, you need to provide Amazon with quite a lot of detail.

Here’s a step by step walkthrough of the book upload process.

Step One: Access the Upload Page

The first step is to access the upload page. You can log into the Kindle interface at:

Then click “Bookshelf” along the top navigation bar.

Then click “Add a New Title.”

Step Two: Enter Your Book’s Name

Enter your book’s name, exactly as it appears in the front cover.

Step Three: Description

Enter a description of your book. This is what buyers will use to evaluate whether or not they want to buy your book, so put some time into writing it in a compelling way.

Step Four: Language, Publisher & ISBN

Enter the language of the book. Then enter the publication date, the publisher and the ISBN if applicable. You can skip the latter three if they don’t apply.

Step Five: Confirm Rights

Confirm that you either have the rights the work you’re publishing, or that it’s in the public domain.

Step Six: Targeting Your Customers

In the targeting section, you’ll be asked to select both categories and keywords.

Though search terms are optional, you should still definitely enter a few search terms to increase the likelihood that people will find your book.

Categories is self-explanatory: Click “Add Categories” to choose which categories your book belongs to.

Step Seven: Upload Your Book Cover

Upload a high resolution image of your book cover.

Step 8: Upload Your Book

Choose whether you want to enable DRM for your Kindle book. Then upload the Kindle-ready book.

Once you click “Upload Book” Amazon will automatically begin converting the book to Kindle format.

Step 9: Rights, Royalties and Pricing

Once your book is uploaded, click “Continue” to go to the rights, royalties and pricing page.

Select whether you have the rights to the book worldwide, or only in specific territories.

Then choose your royalty options. If you choose the 35% option, you won’t be billed for bandwidth / delivery costs. If you choose the 70% option, you’ll be “paid” more but will also be expensed the cost of delivering the books to the customer.

Enter the pricing you want in each of the boxes.

Once you’ve selected all these options, your book is ready to go! If you’re not quite ready to publish yet, save your book as a draft first so you can come back and edit the title, description, pricing and other aspects to make sure you launch with a bang.

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