Making Money Online With Amember – Part 1

How to Add Users & Affiliates In aMember

If you have any offline orders or want to give access to a product to a JV partner or review blogger, for example, here’s how to do it.

Start by going to your aMember control panel sidebar and select “Add User”:

Step 1: Enter Account Details

Fill in the details as fully as possible on the Add User page. An explanation of all the fields you see on this page are explained below this image.

Username: Enter a user name for the new account you are creating (or choose to let it auto-generate by clicking the checkbox)

Password:  Enter a unique password for the account (or choose to let it auto-generate by clicking the checkbox)

Email:  Add the email address of the person you’re adding to the account

Real Name:  Add the person’s first and last name

Address details: Address details are optional, but they are good for your tax and demographic reports

Locked: Set to unlock or else the person will not be able to log in

PayPal Address: If adding an affiliate, enter their PayPal address so you can pay their commissions earned. If you don’t know it, ask for it or have them add it within their account once you send them their login details.

Unsubscribed: Unchecked means they will receive emails you send to the product/list(s) you add them to. Checking this box means they will not receive your correspondence.

Newsletter Threads: Highlight any newsletter threads you wish to subscribe the person to – always get permission first!

Is Affiliate: If you’re setting up an affiliate, select yes. If not, set as no and they can sign up later if they want to.

Affiliate Payout: Choose how you will pay commissions to the affiliate.

Click save when you are finished. This will refresh the page and you’ll see more options at the top as shown here…


Step 2: Add a Product to the New User Account

If the person will be receiving a free product, you can add the product to their account by clicking the User Payment/Subscriptions link at the top.

Using the drop down menu, select the product you wish to add to the new account. If the date range does not automatically update, you can manually set that. Choose either manual payment or free from the drop down and click Add when finished.

You’ll now see the product has been added to the account. You can edit or delete using the options to the side of the product.

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