Making Money Online With Amember – Part 2

How to Set up Your Affiliate Program in aMember


aMember makes it easy to run your affiliate program. In this guide, we’re going to show how to set up your program and add some graphics and links to your affiliate program.

Setting up Your Program


From your aMember control panel sidebar select Affiliate Program

On the next screen, make sure you have checked “Enable Affiliate Program”:

Now, you can set up the details of your program. Choose “Affiliates” from the top menu of your Set Up/Configuration:

Now you can specify what types of payout are possible and set the percentage or dollar amounts for commission:

If you want to offer 2nd tier commissions, you can enter those details as well:

You can also set the duration of the affiliate cookie. You can also choose to only pay commissions for the first payment:

And finally, you can add/edit emails to notify you of new affiliates, send a welcome and sales notification to the affiliate.

Click “Save” when you’re done. Now that you’re program is set up, you’re ready to start adding graphics and links.

To get started, click “Affiliate Program” in your control panel sidebar.

Add New Affiliate Graphic


Click Manage Banners and Text Links


Then click either Add new banner or Add new link

Fill in the following details then click save


The page URL that the customer should be directed to once they click the image

The URL where the image is located. You have to load the banner to your server first. aMember will not load them up for you.

A descriptive alternate text for when the image cannot be displayed

The width and height of the image

You should now see your new graphic image and you can delete or edit it, using the link options to the right:

Add New Affiliate Text Link

From here:

Choose to “Add new link”.

Fill in the following details. Click save when you’re finished.


The page URL that the customer should be directed to once they click the image

Descriptive text that you want to show as the link title

You should now see your new text link.

You can delete or edit the text or link by using the options to the side of it.

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