Making Money Online With Amember – Part 3

How to Add a Product To aMember


aMember allows you to easily add products for sale and password protect them. To get started, log into your aMember control panel and on the sidebar select “Manage Products”.


Then select Add New Product

Step 1: Add Product Details

Start by entering the name and description for your product. This will be visible to people who order your product. You can use basic HTML tags to format your text.

Step 2: Subscription Terms

Next, enter the subscription terms. The form looks like this. Below the image, we’ll explain what these fields mean.

Price:  The price of the product or the recurring subscription. If you have a trial period, enter the regular price the product will be.

Duration:  The length of time for which a subscriber will have access to the product. For example, if you are setting up a recurring monthly subscription, you would enter 30 days or 1 month. If the product is a one-time buy, you might select lifetime.

Trial Period Price: If you’re offering a trial period, set the trial price here.

Trial Period Duration: Enter the duration of your trial period here.

Recurring Billing: If your product is a recurring subscription, select this.

Fixed Subscription Date: If you want all subscriptions to start on a set date, regardless of when a person joins, enter the date here. This might be useful if you selling a product prior to the official launch/release date. Leave it blank if you want the subscription to start immediately upon purchase.

Add Tax: Select if you want to charge tax (tax settings will need to be set up in the “Set up/Configuration” section).

Custom Subscription Terms: By default the terms are pulled from the information you entered above (In our example, the default would show as: “$5 for the first month. Then $97.00 for each month, for 11 installments”). If you prefer to write out custom terms, you can add those here.

Recurring Times: The number of subscription payments you will charge for the product. For example, if you offer a 4-month coaching program and the customer will be charged X amount each month for 4 months, you would enter 4 here. If your subscription product is ongoing until the customer cancels, leave this blank.

PayPal Currency: Assuming you selected in your configuration to accept PayPal payments, you can set the currency in which you accept here. If you use a different payment processor, you don’t need to do anything with this option.

Step 3: Product URLs


Now it’s time to enter your product download URLs. An explanation of these is below this image.

Product URL: Enter the link to your product download page or the product itself. This link will be added to the customer member area once they purchase.

Additional URLs: If you offer a bonus item or multiple products with the purchase of this product, add the extra download link(s) here.

Step 4: Product Availability/Visibility

Now you can enter details about who can order this product and how it will be shown to your customers. The terminology is defined below the following image:

Scope: This determines who can view and order this product

Visible to All: The product will be listed on the main signup page and in the Add/Renew subscriptions list within member accounts.

Only Signup: The product will only be listed on the signup page

Only Members: The product will only be listed in the add/renew subscription area of member accounts.

Disabled: The product will not appear for any users.

Sorting Order: This determines the order in which products will be listed on the signup page and in the list of products shown to members. It’s good for grouping certain types of products together. If you leave it blank, by default, your products will be shown alphabetically.

Price Group ID: Assigning a single price group # to multiple products allows you to display only those grouped products on a custom signup page. You can also assign a product a negative # if you want only that product to show in the list when customers order. In our example, the price group 0 ensures the product will show on the default order page and -1 means that we can also link to an order page that only shows our product.

Renewal Group: Typically this is generated automatically by aMember, so no custom settings are necessary. However, it is where you could tell amember how to calculate a subscription date when a customer renews.

Display Agreement: Check this if you require customers to agree to your custom terms & conditions before they can sign up.

Require another subscription: If customers are required to have previously purchased a different product in order to buy another product. For example: If you require customers to have previously purchased product A before they can purchase product B.

Disallow subscription: If you want to block certain customers from being able to purchase this product, set that here.

Step 5: Additional Options


In the Additional Options section, you can reset the email schedule sent to members, add customers to additional products and you can also set affiliate commissions specific to this product.The commissions will override the settings you have in your main affiliate configuration. If you leave this blank, the regular commissions will apply.

Step 6: Optional Email Settings


This is where you can create a customized signup template for this product, expiry notifications and autoresponder messages. Here is some opportunity for powerful follow up with your customers:

When you’re done, click “Save”.

STEP 7: Protect Product

If you want to make sure only members can download your product, you’ll need to protect the folder in which it is located. To do this, click the Protect Folder link in the sidebar of your control panel

Then click the Protect Another Folder link


Click Browse

A pop-up box will appear. Select the folder you want to protect then click continue.

Choose the protection method you want to add to this folder. Typically it will be a “new-rewrite”.

Next select which product(s) you want to have access to this folder. For example, if this folder is only being used for “Product A” downloads, then just select “Product A” from the list. If all products have – or may eventually have – access to the folder, you can select “just any active subscription is enough” rather than choosing all of the products individually.

Click “Continue” once you’ve made your selections. You should now see your new folder is protected in your protection list.

Step 8: Generate Product Buy Links

Once again, click the Manage Products link as shows in step 1. Next, click the link under your product list called Signup Link Wizard.

The options you choose here will determine what your custom signup link will be

Simply select if you want to:

Display a certain price group (remember, we set this in step 2

Pre-select a certain product

Pre-select one payment option and if so, which payment option it will be.

Finally, just copy the link from the Use Signup Link area and paste it into your website page where you want your signup link to go.

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