Making Money Online With Online Reputation Management – Part 2

Majestic SEO

One of the most important things to track when it comes to reputation management is the people who link to you. When people are talking about you, endorsing you, criticizing you or just mentioning you, generally you want to know.

In the past, search engine backlink checking services were provided primarily by the search engines themselves. Yahoo had a free service called Yahoo Site Explorer that told you who linked to a domain. Google can also show you backlinks using their link search feature.

Unfortunately, Yahoo Site Explorer has long since stopped being updated. Google’s service deliberately hides data to prevent people from figuring out their search algorithm. In short, figuring out who’s linking to you has become a lot more difficult.

Fortunately, there are other services that can help. Majestic SEO is one of the top backlink search engines in the field. They’ve actually created their own web “spider” much like Google and have indexed much of the web all on their own servers. Using their own search engine index, they’ll be able to tell you exactly who’s linking to you.

Majestic SEO provides the bare essential services for free. For more comprehensive results, you need to sign up for a payment plan.

Here’s how to use Majestic SEO.

Step 1: Register

In order to use most of Majestic SEO’s features, you need to register. Creating an account takes a couple minutes and there’s no charge.

Step 2: Search

Type in the domain you want to search. If you’re researching your own domain, just type your own domain in.

Step 3: Select the Index

Choose whether you want to just use the freshest data, or all the historical data combined. The “Use Fresh Index” option uses data pulled from the last 30 days.

Step 4: Link Breakdown Overview

When you type in your domain, the first thing you’ll see is a breakdown of all the links coming to your site.

Majestic SEO will tell you how many total backlinks you have, how many come from different domains, how many come from images, how many come from nofollows, how many are educational or governmental and more.

Step 5: See When Links Were Generated

Were there times when you suddenly got popular? Are you an active discussion on the web now, or has talk faded off?

Majestic SEO can graph out exactly when various links were indexed, giving you a rough picture of when your site was being talked about.

Step 6: Top Backlinks

Click the “Top Backlinks” tab along the top to see specific backlinks to your site.

The top backlinks report looks like this.

Each backlink is accompanied by the source, the target URL and the anchor text.

Step 7: Linking Root Domains

Many people believe that the number of linking root domains is more important than the number of backlinks. In other words, it’s better to have one link from 50 different websites than 100 links from just one website.

Click “Referring Domains” to access the linking root domain results.

You can sort the linking root domains by Alexa rank, country, number of backlinks and more.

Step 8: Top Pages

You can view the top pages on your website to see exactly how many people are linking to those pages.

Step 9: Exporting a Report

If you own the website you’re researching, you can export a report on your own website for free. To export reports on your competitors requires a paid subscription.

These are the most important features Majestic SEO has to offer. Using Majestic SEO you can see exactly who’s linking to you, identify different types of backlinks, see what they said when they linked to you and more.

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