Making Money Online With Online Reputation Management – Part 4


Naymz is an online reputation management software that also doubles as a social network. Though the social network is small, their reputation management tools can be extremely useful for tracking changes in how you’re perceived online.

Here’s how to use Naymz.

Step 1: Select Login Method

There are four ways you can login to Naymz: Through LinkedIn, through Facebook, through Twitter and through just a plain old signup.

Start by selecting your login method.

Give Naymz approval to access your account(s).

Step 2: Import Data

For Naymz to properly monitor your online reputation, you need to import your profile data.

Make sure you uncheck “Post an invitation as your status” if you don’t want Naymz to make a status post.

Step 3: Edit Your Profile

To setup and edit your Naymz profile, click “edit” under “profile” in the left sidebar.

Step 4: Using Naymz as a Social Network

In addition to using Naymz as a reputation management tool, you can also use it as a social networking tool.

To use Naymz’s social networking features, use the “Exchange” and “Network” tabs. Here you’ll be able to post to your feed, view your feed, edit your contacts and more.

Step 5: Visitor Tracking

Want to know who has Googled you? Want to know who’s viewed your profile? Naymz can give you all this and more.

Click “Visitor Tracking” under “Tools” to access this data.

You can also setup Naymz so that it tells you whenever someone accesses your profile. When they do, you’ll get an email like this.

Step 6: Reputation Intercept

Reputation intercept is one of the most useful features of Naymz. What it does it monitor your Google results for your brand (E.g. your name) and email you whenever something changes.

You can also view your search results all in one easy to access location.

Step 7: Personal Branding / Advertising

Want to improve your brand even more? You can do so with Naymz’s simple advertising interface.

All you need to do is write your ad and Naymz will place an advertisement in Google for you. To access this page, click “Personal Branding.”

From there, all you need to do is fill out what you want your ad to look like and Naymz will do the rest.

Step 8: Other Tracking Features

There are three other features of Naymz that you can take advantage of. They really only apply if you’re using Naymz as a social network.

The first is RepScore, which increases as you use Naymz more and fill out a more complete profile. The network profile activity and network web activity panels allow you to see what your network is up to on Naymz.

These are the most important features of Naymz. Using Naymz, you can track your online reputation and even have Naymz send you alerts when something changes. You can create a profile or an advertisement and have Naymz email you when someone looks you up. You can also use Naymz as a social network.

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