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Insert Media into Presentation Slides

Adding media to your PowerPoint presentations can give them a more sophisticated style. It will capture the viewer’s attention and help drive home your message.

You will need:

PowerPoint presentation in the works

Images, videos, etc to insert

Step 1: Insert Pictures

There are two ways to insert media into your slides. The first is when a new slide opens, before you add any text, you can click the appropriate icon in the middle of the slide.

The second way is of course, by using the insert tab. Here you have the option of inserting all types of images, shapes, tables, charts, text boxes, video, equations and more into your slides.

We’ve chosen to add a picture to our 3nd slide. To do this, click the picture icon on the insert tab.

This will bring up your pictures library on your computer. If the image you want to use is not located in this folder, simply navigate to the location of the image. Select the image and click the open button as shown below.

This will insert the image into your slide as shown below. If you click the image, you’ll see it brings up a selection box around it.

Drag the side or corner of the selection box to make the image larger or smaller.

Click the image once and hold the left mouse button down to drag and drop the image where you’d like it to be placed in the slide.

Clicking the image will also open a Picture Tools tab where you can edit the image further.

Here we’ve moved our image to the left side and inserted a text box (from the insert tab) so we can make our point to the side of the image.

Step 2: Insert Video

You can insert video into your PowerPoint presentations as well. To do this, navigate to the Insert tab and click Video.

Navigate to the location of the video you want to insert. Select the video and click the Insert button.

Note: If the video is online, use the drop down arrow on the Insert button and select Link to File, then enter the URL of the video file.

Your video will be inserted into the slide. You can move it around as you did the image in step 1.

You can also click the Video Tools tab to edit the video shape, give it a border, add other effects and so forth.

Step 3: Insert Charts

If you have a chart you’d like to add, you can do so by clicking the Insert tab then selecting Charts.

Select the type of chart you’d like to insert and click OK

Once the chart is inserted, you can click it to open the Chart Tools. Here’ you’ll be able to change the chart colors, edit the data and more.

Step 4: Insert Tables

To insert a table, click the Insert tab, and then click Table. Using your mouse, highlight to select how many rows and columns you want the table to include.

Move the table as you did the image and video. To edit the table, simply click each cell and type the data. Clicking the table once will also bring up the Table Tools where you can change the layout, colors, borders, shading and more.


Again,you can add many things to your slides to make them as fancy or sleek as you’d like. Simply follow the steps as outlined above and play around with a few options to see what you like.

Here are two close-up shots of the options on the insert tab.


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