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You hear a lot of authors, speakers and trainers talk about finding your “why.”

Your WHY is your greatest reason(s) for doing what you do and being what you… uh… be.

WHY keeps you focused.

WHY keeps you motivated.

WHY keeps you on track.

Here’s a WHY for me in business:

Mtendere Village, Malawi, Africa…

Jannet’s mother died when she was just a few months old.  When her father remarried, his new wife did not want to take care of Jannet or her older sister Stella, so she abandoned them in a distant village during the time of the devastating famine and drought in Malawi. The people in that village forced Stella and Jannet to leave because they did not want to feel obligated to feed them.

Stella carried baby Jannet on her back and lived under a bridge until a chief noticed them and they were brought to Mtendere Village. When she arrived at Mtendere she was near death from lack of food. Jannet only weighed 15 pounds.

Today, she is a healthy seven year old with the most contagious laugh that you have ever heard, and she loves to sing really loud.

Even though I’ve been to Africa a half dozen times, I am not selling everything and moving there. But every time I go I am more determined to grow my businesses so I can send more and more money.

If you happen to be “called” to sell all your possessions and go to the bush, great for you. However, if you want to stay where you are, build a business and send money, great for you too!

You see, doing good isn’t free.
Delta has never given me a free flight because I’m headed to Africa to feed orphans.

The corn, beans and grains needed to make nutritious meals for the children is not free.

Building and operating an orphanage that provides shelter, food, clothing, education and medical care is not free.

So… make more, so you can give more, so you can live more.

Sometimes people that hold the same faith as me will say, “Paul you sure do talk about making money a lot. You’re not greedy are you?

I’m greedy for good,” I’ll reply.

Don’t be afraid to make a lot of money. And certainly don’t be afraid of giving a lot of money away. Money is a tool to make your life and the lives of others better.

Here’s a quick exercise…

Instead of writing down how much you want to make, write down how much you want to give.

How much do you want to give away this year to help others?

How much in 2013?

How much in 5 years?

What is your lifetime goal of giving to those in need?

This Thursday you will have the opportunity to give. As mentioned yesterday, June 21st is my birthday. Instead of getting on that day, I’ll be giving. I would like for you to join me as we rescue orphans through

Success is NOT an Accident,

P.S. Remember, 100% of your gift will go straight to the children.

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