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Meetup is the largest online community dedicated to helping people meet online in order to create offline groups.

On Meetup, you can find groups for just about anything you’re interested in. You can join those groups to get notifications about events. If you are focusing your business on helping offline business, MeetUp can be a great additional way to make money.

Events include a wide range of topics, from business related to fitness related, from language exchanges to book clubs.

Here’s an overview of Meetup’s many features.

Search for Specific Topics

If there’s something specific you’re looking for, just type it into the search bar. Meetup will display all the relevant meetups and any upcoming meetups on that subject.

Meetup Details

Once you get the results, you’ll be presented with a number of different meetups. Each meetup will have its meetup name, its icon / image and its member count listed.

If there’s an upcoming meetup for the group, that’ll also be listed beside the meetup.

You can see the number of people attending the meetup on the bottom.

RSVP for Events

Meetup’s RSVP system makes it easy for attendees to reserve spots and easy for organizers to predict how many people will show up.

To RSVP for an event, just click “Yes” or “No.” If you answered “yes,” then let the organizer know if you’ll be bringing guests and enter any comments you have.

Preview the Guestlist

Do you want to know who might be attending an event before making a decision? Meetup makes this easy for you by publishing the guestlist. Just browse the list on the right to see who’s coming and who’s not.

Your Meetup Groups

Meetup allows you to join Meetup groups. Once you’re a member, you can opt to receive notifications by email whenever a new meetup is scheduled.

You can also easily view all the upcoming events for Meetup groups that you’ve joined. This way you don’t have to do a search every time you want to find relevant events.

New Meetup Notifications

Want to know when a new meetup is formed? Just let Meetup know what kind of meetups you’re interested in.

Whenever a new meetup is started in one of those interest categories near you, you’ll be notified.

Start Your Own Meetup Group

Want to meet other people about a specific interest but can’t find an existing group? You can start your own meetup. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. Meetup will even help promote your meetup to get you the initial members.

Note that group organizers do need to pay a small monthly fee.

Meetup iPhone App

Meetup also has an iPhone application that has most of Meetup’s basic features.

You can see all the upcoming meetups in your groups:

 You can see nearby meetups by using the iPhone’s GPS features:

 You can even set your iPhone to deliver notifications to you to remind you of events or let you know when someone comments on an event you plan on attending.

 These are most of Meetup’s main features. You can find meetups on just about any topic, join groups, get updates, learn of new meetups when they appear, create your own meetups and use Meetup on the go with the iPhone app.


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