Monetizing Your Site Lesson 9

Monetizing Your Website

Now that the bulk of your website is finished, it’s time to monetize it. AdSense is just one of many ways by which you can earn from your pages. There are other options that you can pursue and we will discuss them one by one. Let’s start with the most popular choice, however.


We have been discussing this mode of earning throughout the previous lesson. A lot of webmasters are indeed earning some substantial income from the Google AdSense Pay Per Click program. The way it works, as we have mentioned earlier, is that the AdSense program will display contextually relevant advertisements on your web pages. Every time a visitor to your website clicks on these ads, you will earn a corresponding amount. This amount may be as low as $0.02 and can be as potentially high as $50.00 per click.

In the previous lessons, we have discussed how you can choose the keywords that attract the higher paying ads.

Now it’s time to discuss the program itself. Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Go to Adsense’s link attached to this lesson’s links and register an account.

2. If you already have an existing website that’s garnering 50 or more visitors per month, then the approval of your account will be fast. But if it’s your first time publishing a website, then it may take a little more time before Google will act on your application. Nonetheless, there is no reason that your account won’t be approved, for as long as you comply with Google AdSense’s terms and conditions.

3. Once your application is approved, you can start choosing from the ad placement templates on your account page. There are a lot of them to choose from. Here are the best ad blocks and the most efficient placements on your web pages…

. Many webmasters claim that the medium rectangle (300 x 250) positioned on the right side of the page, below the article’s title and before the article’s body, produces the highest Click Through Rate (CTR.) This is because the visitors will be able to see the ads before anything else, and if they like what they see, they’ll click on them. Here is an example of the medium rectangle (300 x 250) format…

. Your website, naturally, must have a menu bar. Ideally, this should be positioned on a vertical area on the right side of your website. This area could be an excellent position for your AdSense blocks as well. Use the Skyscraper (120 x 600) format for this.

. Horizontal link ads are also good choices. Most people are still inclined to look at the top of the page, right beneath the header, for the navigation menu. Given the nature of link ads, they can easily pass off as internal links for your website.

Remember that you can always change the color palette of your AdSense blocks so that they blend with the general palette of your web pages. This way, they’ll appear to be organic parts of your website, and such would improve your CTR.

AdSense is not the only way by which you can earn from your website, however.

Affiliate Programs

You could enroll in a slew of affiliate programs that can earn for you some handsome profit.

Affiliate programs will require you to pre-sell the products of an affiliate merchant. Remember, all you have to do is pre-sell the products; that is, to refer people to click on your affiliate link so that they will be taken to the affiliate merchant’s sales page. The sales page, the payment processing, the digital delivery, the technical support… these will be taken cared of by the affiliate merchant. You will earn a commission per successful sale you’re able to refer. And we’re not just talking about ordinary commissions. We’re talking about huge commissions, ranging from 20% to as high as 95% and some times 100%

Let’s take a look at some of the great affiliate programs you can join.

1. Amazon. Amazon is the Internet’s leading bookstore, but they have since expanded to offer a variety of physical products. It is also the very first online entity to establish an affiliate program. Since your visitors will be going to your website in search of information, you could recommend some necessary reading materials from Amazon’s catalogue. If they purchase from the link you provide, you’ll earn!
2. Chitika. One online store that has been giving Amazon a run for its money in recent months is Chitika. It works the same way, though Chitika is not really focused on books; rather, it specializes on a variety of tangible goods fit for any niche. There is sure to be something in their catalogue that is perfect for the niche you’re catering to.

3. Clickbank. Need some digital products to complement the information your website will share. Browse through the pages of ClickBank. If you find a suitable match for your niche, sign up with them and acquire an affiliate link. Display the affiliate link on your web pages, and once you manage to refer a successful sale, you’ll earn.

4. Commission Junction. Commission junction works the same way as Clickbank.

Sell Your Own Products

If you want to make it big in the online world, you should come up with your own product and sell it to a global market. I am referring, of course, to digital products capable of being delivered digitally.

There are two ways to accomplish this.

First is by creating your own products from scratch, using your own resources. These may be eBooks, special reports, software programs, video or audio tutorials, and the like.

Second is by buying the resale rights, master resale rights, or the private label rights of existing works. This option will make your status similar to the creator of the product and you could earn from the goods without having to worry about paying anyone any royalty fees.

To know more about rights, there is only one resource that you can take advantage of. “All Rights Explained” is an eBook that is truly one of a kind. It’s the only resource on the market that deals with the often confusing subject of Internet marketing rights.

Once you have come up with products to sell, you can advertise them on your web pages for additional income streams.

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