Make Money Online Using Google Website Optimizer – Part 3

Reading Google Website Optimizer Stats

In this tutorial, you will learn how to read and interpret the statistics from your Google Website Optimizer experiment.

You will need:

A Google account

An active Google Website Optimizer experiment, with stats

Step 1: Log into Account

Sign in to your Google Website Optimizer account.

Step 2: Reading the Dashboard

When you log into your account, you will be taken to your dashboard, where you can see a list of all of your experiments. Beside the experiment column, you’ll also see columns labeled Status, Page Visitors, Conv., Conv. Rate, and Finish Time.

From this page, you can get a quick overview of your page visitors, the total conversions, and the conversion rate. If your want more specific data, click the “view report” link.

We’ll be looking at the stats for the multivariate experiment. Although the report is slightly different for the A/B experiment, you will interpret the data in the same way.

Step 3: Understanding the Daily Conversion Rate Graph

When you are taken to the report page, the first thing you will see is the graphic results. This section shows the “estimated conversion rate.” Each colored bar represents a different combination or variation.

Dots represent a specific day. The dotted vertical lines mark the beginning of the week. Mouse-over a dot to see the data for each combination on that day, ordered from highest to lowest.

Step 4: Understanding the Combinations Page Numeric Data

On the combinations tab, you will see six columns. Here is a breakdown of the columns and an overview of the data each column contains.

Combination – This column shows the specific page combination where your variations show. (The more variations you have the more possible combinations there will be.) In this case we have 3 areas of the original that we are testing and added 1 new variation for each section.

Status – Your combo status can be either enabled or disabled. A disable combination will stop showing on your pages and will be grayed out on reports. Once disabled, a combo cannot be enabled again.

Estimated conversion rate – This column shows how well each combination or variation is performing relative to your original page content.

Chance to beat original – This area displays the probability percentage that a combination will be more the successful than the original version. When the numbers are high, you may want to consider replacing your original with this combination.

Observed improvement – In this column, you will see the improvement percentage of the variations over the original page.

Conversion/visitors – Here you can see the number of conversions in relation to the total number of visitors.

Step 5: Understanding the Page Sections Data

On this page, you can see exactly which sections performed best in helping you convert visitors to buyers. Much of the data found here is the same as that discussed above, with the addition of the relevance rating and the variation.

Relevance rating – This column shows the importance of your variation on a scale of 0 to 5. The higher the first number, the more you may want to consider incorporating the variation in your final web page.

Variation – This column shows the section name you gave to the section variations when you created the experiment. In this case, we changed the title, buy link and first image on the original page. These new variations were named title var 2, buy button and img 1.

Estimated Conversion rate – In the estimated conversion rate column, the colored bars show how the variations performance compares to the original.

A green bar signifies that the combination is performing much better than the original.

A yellow bar means that there is only a little difference compared to the original.

A gray bar means that it’s performing on the same level as the original.

A red bar means that the variation is doing quite a bit worse than the original.

That’s all there is to reading your reports. When you have finished collecting your data, make changes your pages that reflect the best performing combinations.

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