Make Money Online With LinkedIn – Part 3

Sending Updates/Tweets to and from Twitter and LinkedIn

When submitting updates to LinkedIn, you can also send these updates. In addition, you can send your tweets to your LinkedIn account as updates. Please note, that in order for this to work, your Twitter account must be set to “public”.

Step 1: Add Your Twitter Account
From your LinkedIn dashboard, mouse over “profile” then select “edit profile”.

Make Money Online With LinkedIn

Click the “Add a Twitter Account” option


Make Money Online With LinkedIn

A pop-up will open asking you to allow LinkedIn to access your Twitter account. Enter your Twitter information and click Allow.

Make Money Online With LinkedIn

Step 2: Updating your Twitter status from Linkedin
Now that both accounts are connected, you can update Twitter directly from Linkedin by selecting the Twitter icon when posting a new update in LinkedIn.

Make Money Online With LinkedIn

Step 3: Updating your LinkedIn status from Twitter
When you post a new tweet in Twitter, add the #in hashtag to the end of your message. This will ensure your tweet is also added as a LinkedIn update.

A word of caution: Be selective in which messages you send to LinkedIn. Typically speaking, professional business associates don’t want to know what you are had for breakfast.

Make Money Online With LinkedIn

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