Make Money Online With LinkedIn – Part 1

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with like-minded people, from past classmates to potential JV partners, the connections are unlimited. The first step to making the connections is to set up your account and profile so others can find you.

Let’s start by visiting, to join.

Step 1: Account Setup
When you visit the LinkedIn home page, you’ll see this image. Simply fill in the requested information and click the Join Now button.make money online with LinkedIn

Step 2: Employment Status
Using the dropdown arrows next to each section, select your employment status and location details. Your selections may create more options to appear as you fill in the details.

make money online with LinkedIn

Step 3: Search via Email Contacts
This step allows LinkedIn to connect with your email account to see which of your email contacts already have LinkedIn accounts. Those that do, you will be able to instantly connect with and those who don’t, you can choose to send an invitation to join.

To do this step, simply enter your email details and click the continue button or click “Skip this step” to go to the next step without connecting with your email account.

make money online with LinkedIn

You will be asked to confirm your email address by clicking the link in an email sent to you when you registered.

Step 4: Proceed to Profile
From here, you will be presented with a few screens asking you to connect with others. We are skipping these steps so that we can set up our profile first. After all, we don’t want to invite people to view our blank profile.

So when we see this page, we click “Skip This Step”

make money online with LinkedIn

On the next page, we also choose to skip the step.

make money online with LinkedIn

And finally, on this page we click to skip.

All of these options can be revisited from your dashboard at any time.

make money online with LinkedIn


Step 5: Profile Setup
Once you reach your dashboard, mouse over Profile in the upper navigation and select Edit Profile.

make money online with LinkedIn


Here, you’ll see a summary of your profile information and be able to edit each section.make money online with LinkedIn

You can either click the + sign next to each section above to edit the information or scroll down the page and add the information there as shown below. Each section has an explanation for what you should include in it.

Once you finish filling out your information, you can view your profile by clicking View Profile as indicated in the above image.make money online with LinkedIn

make money online with LinkedIn

Step 6: Contact Settings
The final step before making connections is to set your contact settings. It’s important to do this step or your inbox may be flooded with emails from LinkedIn.

In the top, right-hand corner of your dashboard, mouse over your name and select Settings.

make money online with LinkedIn

Step 7: Email Preferences
Now, down on the left side of the screen, click Email Preferences and a box will open to the right with more options as shown below.

make money online with LinkedIn

Clicking the options to the right will bring up a pop-up box for each one allowing you to adjust the settings. Below are two examples.make money online with LinkedIn

make money online with LinkedIn

Following the same instructions outlined in Step 7, you can also adjust your groups, companies and application settings as well as make more advanced account settings.

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