Make Money Online With Pinterest – Part 3

Finding People to Follow on Pinterest

Part of the fun of Pinterest, is inviting and finding the friends you already know and finding new people with similar interests as well. This tutorial will show you how to find all those people and more.

Invite and Friends

Pinterest is by invitation only, so if you’re friends aren’t on Pinterest yet, invite them. In the top right corner, mouse over your name and a menu will appear. Select “Invite Friends”.


Invite by Email:

You can choose to invite your friends by email and the form allows you to enter 4 email addresses. You can also enter a personalized message if you’d like. If you have more than 4 people to invite, you can fill out the form again when you’re done. Click “Send Invites”.


Invite and Find Friends Through Facebook


If you’d like to invite friends by Facebook, you can do that too. Just select Facebook from the left side of the invite screen.


Click “Find Friends on Facebook”. Now you’ll find a list of Facebook friends that you can invite and a list of Facebook friends that are already on Pinterest. I have blacked out the personal information in the image below, but you get the idea.


On the left, you can click “Invite” and it will automatically send a request to your friend. Note, you can’t send a personalized message using this type of invite. On the right side, you can select some or all your friends that are already on Pinterest and start following them.

Searching for People

To find people with similar interests, you can look under “Everything” and choose a category that interests you.

You can also look at the list of people who are following you to see if you might be interested in following them back. You can see their names, profile pictures and some of their recent pins. Just click “Follow” if you want to follow someone. You can click “Unfollow” if you later change your mind.


Search for Someone by Name

Pinterest has the ability to search for pins, but its ability to search for people is not always reliable. However, what you can do is enter a name in the search box:



On the results page, choose “People” to get your people results. In this case, we can easily find the person we’re looking for.

In the case where you can’t find what you’re looking for, one easy way to find specific people you’re looking for is by conducting a Google search of “[NAME] Pinterest.” For example:


If the person has a Pinterest account, you’re likely to see it near the top of the search results. In this case we see two results at the top and I’ll explain the difference between the two.

The first result shows a URL that has “source” in it. This link shows images that any Pinterest users have shared from Martha Stewart’s website. The second one that doesn’t say “source” and reads as is her actual Pinterest profile, so if you want to follow her specifically, use that link.

Follow People or Boards

You might find that you’re particularly interest in specific boards, rather than users in general. You can actually choose exactly what or who you follow.

To Follow a Person

Go the person’s profile and select “Follow All” and you will follow all their boards and updates.

To Follow Board:

Go to a specific board and select “Follow Board” and you’ll get updates from the board only.

The nice thing about Pinterest is that it’s very open and you don’t have to worry about following a bunch of people to start with, just to start enjoying the site. There is a lot of interaction between people, even if they’re not following each other. So my advice is to find a few people to follow, start pinning and have fun.

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