Make Money Online With Review Sites – Part 4

How to Get Review Content for Your Website

If you’re planning on starting a review website, it can be a daunting task to site and write all the reviews yourself. While you’ll likely be creating plenty of your own content, there are other great sources you can use to fill your product review website.

NOTE: If you do receive free products or you pay someone to help write reviews for your site, make sure you include the appropriate disclosures and that you’re legally compliant.

How to Get Free Products to Review

Buying all the products you plan to review can get expensive, so try these ways to get free products for your website.

• Look at other sites that review products in your niche and look for disclaimers saying they received the product for free. When you see certain products being reviewed regularly, it’s quite likely that the company readily gives away product in exchange for review.

• Contact companies directly and let them know that you would like to review their product. Include honest information about your website demographics and traffic. You can also show them a sample review, so they know how you approach your reviews.

• Place a product review request form on your website. Once your traffic grows, you will find that companies will be contacting you for a review.

Remember, keep your reputation intact. Never promise a positive review in exchange for free product. Always include object information in your product reviews, whether it is good or bad.

Do it Yourself:

• Write product reviews. Make a list of products you plan to review, the key features you should be looking at and start writing.

• Write product comparisons. Consumers are always looking for help on making an appropriate product decision and comparisons are one way to help them make the decision. Create categories of products (ex. smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and put together comparison charts and other useful information.

• Take photos of products. While photos are rarely enough on their own, they can certainly add a wealth of information to a product review. Take and publish product photos readily.

• Create screenshots of products used on your computer. A similar idea to photos, you can also take a picture of your computer screen and share. You can do this with software, websites you want to demonstrate and more.

• Take a video of yourself demonstrating the product. If you don’t feel like writing, show your readers how the product works through video.

• Take a video of other people talking about the product. If you’re not familiar with a product, but you know someone who is, ask them some questions and ask them to show the product in a video.

Free Reviews:

• Use the Product Reviews features of the Amazon Associates program. This allows you to display review details from Amazon on your website. NOTE: This doesn’t include actually text from the review, but shows ratings and a number of reviews, so users can click through to see them.

Just log into your Associates program and when you create an image or text only link, you’ll see the option for adding product review information.

According to Amazon, “When users hover over a preview-enhanced link, either a text link or image link, a small window appears containing valuable content and information about the product you’re advertising. Our test results show that visitors who see a Product Preview have high click-through and conversion rates — helping you earn more fees.”

When setting up your link, choose “Text Only” or “Image Only”:

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

The first piece of code is for your text or image:

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

Then there is another optional piece of code that allows you to add the Product Review component.

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

When you place both pieces of code on your website, the link looks something like this:

How To Make Money Online Using Review WebsitesWhen your user hovers over the link, a box like this appears:

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

• Check the affiliate program you’re working with to see if they have any reviews available for publishing. They might have a product profile sheet or customer submitted reviews, so ask.

• Allow users to submit their ratings and reviews. One of the best ways to enrich your website content is to let users participate, so make it easy for them to share their opinion.

You can use the GD Star Rating WordPress plugin to automate this for you. Here’s a sample of how the plugin can look on your website. You can do a lot of customization with this plugin, so you can decide exactly how users can participate.

• Embed YouTube videos into your website. Simply search YouTube for “[product name] review” and find something that you find relevant to your product review page. For example, we are searching for a “kindle fire review”

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

We see a number of videos we can consider for publishing. Of course, some videos will be highly commercial and attempt by the creator to earn affiliate commissions, so be choosy in the content you place on your website.

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

When you find a video you want to put on your site, look for the “Share” link on the video page.

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

Then choose the “Embed” option below. It will give the code you need to put on your website to display the video. You can choose the size of the video screen and other options before you copy and paste the code.

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

Once you’ve published the review on your site, consider adding your own thoughts about the video to give your readers a fresh and unique perspective from your website.

• Look for reviews available for reprint on article directories like Ezine Articles allows users to submit content that can be published by website owners like you. Before you publish, do read the terms of service and make sure you include the author’s full resource box with a link back to their site.

As with YouTube, content on Ezine Articles can be self-promotional, so do review to ensure it’s quality content you want to share with your readers.

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

We searched for “amazon kindle review” and numerous pages of results appeared.

How To Make Money Online Using Review Websites

While you cannot edit any of the articles you publish from Ezine Articles, you can certainly make your own editorial comments at the beginning and/or the end of the article to give your readers your own unique perspective.

Pay for Reviews:

• Hire a ghostwriter. While your ghostwriter may not have tried specific products and may not be able to write an objective review, he or she can collect data and details about specific products and create profiles that you can publish to your site.

• Try private label rights (PLR) content. Many PLR providers include product profiles, reviews and/or demonstrations of products. These monthly memberships include product profiles and

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