Polishing Your Website Lesson 8

Polishing Up Your Website

By now, you should have your content ready… yes, this means all 50 articles!

Integrating your content into your website will depend on what HTML editor or web creation software you have decided to use. All of them will make it easy for you to do this, but WordPress is notable for the fact that it has been created with the niche site webmaster in mind.

Here are some guidelines you need to observe when it comes to uploading your content:

. Each article should be placed on one page. Never place more than one article on a single page, especially if the articles are focused on different keywords.

. Each page should have a title. This title doesn’t have to be visible. It could be included in your source code within the tags. If the article on that page is entitled “How To Find Cheap Laptop Computers” for example, the following code should be found at the top of the source page:</p> <p><title>How To Find Cheap Laptop Computers

Doing this will give your page rank a boost.

Include titles inside the page using

Header 1
Header 2
Header 3

or subsequent tags. This will likewise give your page rank a boost.

It would be great if you could interlink each and every article with each other by including hyperlinks on the keywords. Search engine spiders love this.

A common template for Niche sites would look like the screen capture below

Notice the banner right under the header image.

You may follow that example and include a banner of a related site for a product you are promoting as an affiliate or you can add your AdSense’s ads.

This has been proven to be an effective choice. Your visitors’ tendency is to view the title, and if it interests them, they’ll read further. If they are greeted by the ads, they’ll think of them as useful links and click on them.

Most of the niche websites you encounter utilize this ad placement technique. And you should too. We will talk about proper ad placements later on.

Next we’ll talk on ways you can monetize your site!

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