Pre-Webinar Checklist

Knowing what to do before your virtual event will help to make the big day very profitable and successful. The planning process is crucial to having a great, successful, low-stress event. During the planning process aside from knowing your content, the message and your audience, it is important to recognize ways to be prepared. If you pay close attention to, and are mindful of the following before your event and you will create a successful virtual event.

Market through all channels — If you don’t market your event, no matter how great the information and content is, you won’t have any visitors or only your friends will show up to support you. Use all means, from blogs, to article marketing, to affiliates, to Pay Per Click (PPC) to get the word out about your virtual event.

Choose the right Technology – Do your due diligence and choose the right technology to ensure that it has all the functionality that you need and want. Test out several platforms taking advantage of the fact that most services offer a free trial. Don’t skimp and only use the cheapest service, use the best system that does what you need it to do that you can afford.

Learn the Technology — Learn how to use the platform you choose to use. Watch the training videos if they exist, and ensure that you know how to use the system no matter what happens. If you don’t want to learn the technology hire someone who does know it to run the event. There are many service providers who specialize in online events.

Test the technology — Do a run through of the entire event with the speakers (or stand-ins for the speakers if you can’t get them) and even a limited test audience to test audience participation tools and features. Ask for feedback from everyone. For the best feedback create a form or survey using a service like

Technology Glitches Happen — No matter how you prepare remember that glitches will happen. Don’t stress out about it too much because most people who use technology realize that things happen. Just do your best to anticipate as many eventualities as you can so that you can be prepared.

Notify Participants — Send out a reminder to the participants, speakers, organizers and attendees before the event more than once. Sometimes people get confused about times, directions and time zones, by explaining everything to them more than one way, more than one time you will eliminate most problems.

Send out an Agenda — Have a written agenda that is given out to all the speakers, organizers, and attendees so that they know what to expect. It will help them be mindful of their time limits, and understand the schedule.

Be on time — It is essential that the organizer of the event and all the speakers / presenters are on time for the event. In fact, it is best if they arrive 5 to 10 minutes early in order to greet guests before the start of the virtual event.

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