Replicate Lesson 14

By now, you should be getting some AdSense clicks. The goal is to increase the number of your visitors so that you’ll have better chances of securing more clicks, which would mean more income for your online endeavor.

Let’s have a checklist of the things that you have to do:

Continue writing and submitting articles to article directories.
Continue updating your main website’s content.
Continue posting in relevant message boards.
Continue publishing entries for your blog and using Pingomatic for EVERY post you make.
Continue studying the performance of your website.
Do these things until your website earns at least $25 per day.

And you can do this by continuing the powerful strategies we have discussed in the previous lessons. Never let up. Work and work until your website is earning at least $5 a day. After that, increase your goal to $10. Your goal should always get higher and higher, until you reach a level you’re satisfied with.

Most webmasters peg this daily goal at $25. Once your website achieves such an average, you can leave it be, and periodically check out its performance.

What should you do then?

Replicate, of course!

Find a new niche and build a new website for it. Repeat the processes we have discussed here.

Do this over and over again until you have a battalion of websites working for you. If each of them can earn an average of $25 a day, you’d have an income of $750 a month… for one website alone!

Imagine if you have 10 websites. You’d have a monthly take of $7,500!

Now, imagine if you have 50, or even 100 websites. The possibilities are endless! And best of all, they’re within your reach!

So repeat the process and realize why AdSense can be your ticket to a world of wealth!

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