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I’ve been in the Internet Marketing industry for a few years now. I knew that list building was important. My problem is that I could never find anyone that was promoting the same niches that I could trust. Everyone claims to be making thousands of dollars per month online, but most people are just lying through their teeth.

I know you have seen all of the wild claims out there. I got scammed just a few months ago. I decided to do an ad swap with one of the other guys in my niche. I had a list of over 4,000 people, and I wanted to share my list with a fellow marketer. I found a guy in my niche that had a list of over 214,500 people! We went through a few negotiations, and he agreed to promote my new dating website if I agreed to promote his dating website and pay him $773. He even showed me a screenshot of his Aweber account, so I thought I could trust this guy. I was so excited! I thought I was going to make a fortune!

I went ahead and sent out my email for his website. He picked up several new members. He sent out my website to his list. I only got three new members! I knew something was wrong, so I emailed the guy. Of course, he was long gone with my money, and I was out of $773!

This was a major loss to my business. I was so ticked off! At that point, I pretty much decided that I couldn’t trust anyone! I gave up on the ad swaps for a few months until my IM friend told me about Safe-Swap.

It looked promising…so I decided to try it for a month. You talk about great…this is the safest membership site I’ve ever seen. Everyone has membership profiles, so I know people aren’t telling me a bunch of BS when they say they have a huge list! I can tell if someone gets negative feedback, and I have already made several new connections for my niches. It is easy to use, and I feel protected now! I love Safe Swaps!

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