Paul founded because the “emperors have no clothes.”

A majority of those teaching/training people to make money online have never done it themselves. No, not kidding.

For example…

What if – and this is toooooooootally hypothetical ;) – a guy comes online and buys all the big time products. He works his hardest. He doesn’t make a dime and ends up in debt.

He begins moaning and crying to the gurus that sold him the products.

They’re embarrassed.

Some of them reach out to the guy to help him. They tell him that he needs to create a make money online product.

“But I haven’t made any money,” the kid says.

“Doesn’t matter,” said the gurus. “You create and it. We’ll sell it. And we’ll both make a lot of money.”

“What if the product doesn’t work?”

“Doesn’t matter,” said the gurus. “People will buy the dream. Just like you did when you bought our stuff.”

A virtual handshake took place.

The kid is now a guru himself. He never made any REAL money online. He just had some pushers push his crap and took advantage of the market.

Paul is here to help you create a REAL business. Something you can be proud of. Something you can grow with integrity.

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