The Best Source of Traffic?

I’ve talked about how I like paid traffic over other traffic options that I’ve tried. The reasons are simple.

1. You control it.
2. It’s targeted traffic.
3. Because it’s targeted, the conversions to sales are better.

There are many ways to get paid traffic though. What should you go with?

  • Solo Ads?
  • Media Buys?
  • Site Advertisements?

All of these are good sources of traffic, of course. But what about old faithful… Google Adwords?
Yep! With the release of Panda and Penguin lately, Google has gotten a HUGE amount of negative press from our industry lately.

Why? People don’t want to play by the rules. Simple.

BUT, if you want to PAY for some solid traffic, Adwords is the way to go in my opinion. You know I have built a massive presence in the youth ministry niche using nothing but Adwords traffic. It provides a great source of income. I simply use Adwords.

WARNING: You can lose you shirt using Adwords too. I’m not going to lie to you. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can by bad.

This past week Perry Marshall’s team mailed me a copy of their “Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords: How To Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes” to review. This is the newest edition and is updated for the world of social media (along with some other market changes).

I’m going to be going through this in the next few days. I’ll drop in and share with you what I’ve discovered and what I think may be helpful.

In the meantime, go here and pick up a copy for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed.

This really is a valuable resource. I flipped through the Table of Contents and was pretty impressed just looking at that!


Table of Contents

Chapter 01: How To Force Prospects to Choose Your Site & Buy from You, Not Your Competition
Chapter 02: How To Build Your Own Autopilot Marketing Machine
Chapter 03: How To Build a Google Campaign from Scratch – The Right Way
Chapter 04: Organizing Your Campaign: How To Pay Less & Get More Clicks
Chapter 05: Develop High Quality Keyword Lists to Craft Killer Headlines
Chapter 06: How To Write Google Ads That Attract Eyeballs, Get Clicks, and Earn You Money
Chapter 07: Knowing Your Numbers = Money in the Bank: How Google’s Conversion Tracking Tells You What’s Working
Chapter 08: How To Triple Your CTR (and Cut Your Bid Prices by Two-Thirds, if You Want) – No Genius Required
Chapter 09: The Winning Method the World’s Smartest Marketers Stole From the Right Brothers
Chapter 10: Triple Your Traffic with Google’s Display Network
Chapter 11: Google Image Ads: Banner Advertising Is Here To Stay
Chapter 12: Local Advertising on Google: Mostly Virgin Territory
Chapter 13: Slashing Your Bid Prices: Quality Score and How Google Rewards You for Relevance
Chapter 14: The Dark Side of Google
Chapter 15: Google, Vegas, and Those Who Live by Gaming the System
Chapter 16: The Butt-Ugly Truth About Social Media, and the Beautiful Untold Story
Chapter 17: How To Harness the Psychic Power of Social Media In Your Google Campaigns
Chapter 18: How To Get Customers To Eat Out of Your Hand
Chapter 19: The Most-Ignored Secret Behind the Most Profitable Marketing Campaigns in the World
Chapter 20: How Email Transforms Those Expensive Clicks Into Long-Term, Profitable Customers
Chapter 21: The One Magic Number That Defines the Power of Your Website
Chapter 22: Maintaining Your Edge: How To Consistently Stay Ahead of Your Competition in Google Adwords
Chapter 23: Persuasive Ad Copy: The Ultimate Silver Bullet
Chapter 24: So You Have a Killer Sales Machine. Now What?
Chapter 25: How To Get High Rankings in Google’s Organic (Non-PPC) Search Results
Chapter 26: Introduction to Remarketing
Chapter 27: Place Pages: Google’s Gold Mine for Local Business
Chapter 28: 17 Things Yo Momma Never Told You About Google
Chapter 29: That Last Winner-Take-All Edge: Google’s Tools for Smarter Adwords Results
Chapter 30: FAQ: Answers to All Your Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 31: Signature Victories

I know that’s a lot even in the Table of Contents.
Anything stand out to you?
Want to know anything about this based on what you see?

Leave a question below and I’ll see what I can find out for you!
Or if you have a success story about using Adwords, leave that! Love for you to share.

Success Is NOT An Accident,

P.S. If I don’t post immediately, stay with me. I will be looking over this book. Right now I’m in Mexico with Baby Girl and Steven. We’re visiting our sponsored child, Jose! Serving and sharing with the people here. NOTE: That’s another great way to succeed. Serving. Sharing.

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