Your Step by by Step Blogging Plan
Paul Evans

We’ve hit a lot this week about blogging…

Monday: 7 Ways to Create Great Blog Headlines

Tuesday: “Is Blogging Valid?” with video response

Wednesday: A three-step process to stay on track
with your blogging.

But what most folks have told me they want is a
detailed plan of action.

So I’ve put together the Blog Profit Plan.

This shows you exactly what to do every single day
of the week. No guesswork. No wondering if you are
wasting time on the wrong thing.

There are 4 modules in BPP…

Module 1: Brainstorm

Never run out of ideas on what to blog about
again. You’ll tap into 9 easy ways to stay
current, fresh and SEO friendly with your posts.

Module 2: Build

In this module you will discover the top ten post
styles. This will help you produce content that
keeps your audience coming back again and again.
And how to make selling natural and hype free.

Module 3: Bring Visitors

Obviously this is the key. No traffic, no readers.
No readers, no sales. No sales, no profits. You
get the top 5 traffic sources for bloggers. Plus,
links are included to the best sites to help you
get that traffic.

Module 4: Boost Income

There are four primary ways to blog for profit.
These monetization strategies will help you make

Of course, you’re not just getting training, I
show you how much time to spend on each and how
many days a week to spend on each. You get a real

Plus these bonuses…

Bonus 1: A complete PDF of the Blog Profit Plan.

Bonus 2: MP3 of the Blog Profit Plan.

Bonus 3: Guest Blogging

You’ll get the guide, an action plan and a guest
blogging checklist. On top of that you will also
get 10 Unique Traffic Strategies for your blog!
(Yes, ten more than the one’s we focus on in
Module 3.)

Bonus 4: Human Time Machine

This is productivity software that works on MAC or
PC. It’s flat out awesome and will keep you on
track as you do the plan. This sells for $27 all
by itself.

Go grab your copy of the plan right now…

The price will jump on Saturday, Aug 3, 9 pm CST.
Get yours now.

Success is NOT an Accident!

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