Stumble Upon Pages – 03

How to Stumble Pages

At the heart of StumbleUpon is the actual process of stumbling and finding new sites. StumbleUpon makes it easy to discover new websites with one click of the button.
You can also like or dislike pages or make comments on them. This will help improve your matches in the future, as well as help rank pages in the StumbleUpon system.

Step 1: Start Stumbling

Click “Stumble Your Interests” on the home screen to begin stumbling.

Step 2: Stumble Pages

To stumble to a different page, just click “Stumble.”

Step 3: Like or Dislike Pages

Anytime you see content that you like, click “I Like It!”

Anytime you dislike a page, click the “thumbs down” icon.

If you’d like to give StumbleUpon a reason why you didn’t like the site, click the dropdown arrow next to the thumbs down button.

Step 4: Stumble Specific Interests

If you’d like to only stumble pages related to a certain interest, click on “All Interests” at the top to bring up the drop down menu.

Then click on a specific interest to switch to stumbling in just that interest.

Step 5: Leave a Review / Comment

If you see a page that you really like, why not leave a review or comment?

To do so, click the speech bubble button in the stumble bar.

Then click “Add a Review.”

That’s how to stumble pages! You’ve learned how to start stumbling, how to stumble to new pages, how to thumbs up and thumbs down, how to give StumbleUpon a reason for disliking a page, how to stumble in specific categories and how to leave a review.

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