WordPress Optimization – Part 4

AdSense Integrator AdSense integrator makes it easy to put AdSense code almost anywhere on your blog. Instead of copying and pasting code into templates or posts manually, which can get very messy, this plugin makes it as easy as checking a box. The plugin information can be found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/adsense-integrator/ Here’s how to setup and [...]

WordPress Optimization – Part 3

WordPress Amazon Associate If you’re an Amazon associate and you’re running a WordPress blog, the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin can be a lifesaver. It allows you to easily insert links with your associate ID into your posts. It also lets you easily add Amazon widgets to the side of your blog, or even in individual [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 4 of 4

PowerPoint Timings, Narration & Publishing This demonstration was made with PowerPoint 2010 which has the ability to publish a presentation as a movie file. This allows anyone to view it whether they have PowerPoint or not. Before we publish our presentation, we first want to set the slide timing and add some narration to it. [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 3 of 4

Insert Media into Presentation Slides Adding media to your PowerPoint presentations can give them a more sophisticated style. It will capture the viewer’s attention and help drive home your message. You will need: PowerPoint presentation in the works Images, videos, etc to insert Step 1: Insert Pictures There are two ways to insert media into [...]

Make Money Online With Pinterest – Part 3

Finding People to Follow on Pinterest Part of the fun of Pinterest, is inviting and finding the friends you already know and finding new people with similar interests as well. This tutorial will show you how to find all those people and more. Invite and Friends Pinterest is by invitation only, so if you’re friends [...]

Make Money Online With Pinterest – Part 2

Using Pinterest: Pinning Basics and Terminology In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to start creating your boards, pinning, repining and more. Before you dive right into Pinterest, there are probably a few terms that you need to know, so let’s start with those:   Boards: Think of these as cork or pin [...]

Making Money Online With Amember – Part 1

How to Add Users & Affiliates In aMember If you have any offline orders or want to give access to a product to a JV partner or review blogger, for example, here’s how to do it. Start by going to your aMember control panel sidebar and select “Add User”: Step 1: Enter Account Details Fill [...]

Making Money Online With Amember – Part 2

How to Set up Your Affiliate Program in aMember   aMember makes it easy to run your affiliate program. In this guide, we’re going to show how to set up your program and add some graphics and links to your affiliate program. Setting up Your Program   From your aMember control panel sidebar select Affiliate [...]

Making Money Online With Amember – Part 3

How to Add a Product To aMember   aMember allows you to easily add products for sale and password protect them. To get started, log into your aMember control panel and on the sidebar select “Manage Products”.   Then select Add New Product Step 1: Add Product Details Start by entering the name and description [...]

Making Money Online With Amember – Part 4

How to View Reports in aMember Once you’ve got your membership running, you want to see how you’re doing, right? Well, Amember allows you to see a variety of reports. Get start by going to “Reports” in your control panel sidebar. View Your Income Income Report Highlight Income Report from the list and press proceed [...]

Make Money Online Using Google Website Optimizer – Part 4

Change or Restore Pages in Google Website Optimizer In this tutorial, you will learn how to change to an optimized page or restore your original page in the Google Website Optimizer experiment. You will need: A Google account An active Google Website Optimizer experiment Page or HTML editor FTP access Step 1: Log into Account [...]

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