WordPress Optimization – Part 4

AdSense Integrator AdSense integrator makes it easy to put AdSense code almost anywhere on your blog. Instead of copying and pasting code into templates or posts manually, which can get very messy, this plugin makes it as easy as checking a box. The plugin information can be found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/adsense-integrator/ Here’s how to setup and [...]

WordPress Optimization – Part 3

WordPress Amazon Associate If you’re an Amazon associate and you’re running a WordPress blog, the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin can be a lifesaver. It allows you to easily insert links with your associate ID into your posts. It also lets you easily add Amazon widgets to the side of your blog, or even in individual [...]

WordPress Optimization – Part 2

iTunes Affiliate Link Maker If you’re an iTunes affiliate you’ve probably found that generating a link through your affiliate system every time becomes a bit of a chore. Fortunately, the iTunes Affiliate Link Maker (iTALM) can make the process a lot easier. You can find the plugin information at: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/itunes-affiliate-link-maker/ All you need to do [...]

WordPress Optimization – Part 1

Pretty Link Pro Don’t want awkward or long links on your website? Using affiliate links and don’t want a dozen strange characters in the URL? Pretty Link Pro allows you to get around the issue. The plugin can be purchased and downloaded at: http://prettylinkpro.com/ Pretty Link Pro lets you change any link to a short [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 4 of 4

PowerPoint Timings, Narration & Publishing This demonstration was made with PowerPoint 2010 which has the ability to publish a presentation as a movie file. This allows anyone to view it whether they have PowerPoint or not. Before we publish our presentation, we first want to set the slide timing and add some narration to it. [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 2 of 4

Create PowerPoint Slides Video presentations continue to grow in popularity. From marketing businesses to keeping in touch with family and friends, everyone is using it. One of the easiest ways to create presentations is with PowerPoint. This demonstration was made with PowerPoint 2010. You will need: PowerPoint Installed An outline of your presentation text   [...]

Making Money Online With PowerPoint – 1 of 4

Add Animation to PowerPoint Presentation To keep your audiences interest, you can add animation to your presentation to catch their eye. There are many options for animating text and images. This demonstration will walk you through the basics. You will need: PowerPoint A presentation previously started Step 1: Animate Images If you’d like an image [...]

Making Money Online With Online Reputation Management – Part 4

Naymz Naymz is an online reputation management software that also doubles as a social network. Though the social network is small, their reputation management tools can be extremely useful for tracking changes in how you’re perceived online. Here’s how to use Naymz. Step 1: Select Login Method There are four ways you can login to [...]

Making Money Online With Online Reputation Management – Part 3

Omgili One of the most difficult places to manage your reputation is in internet forums. Sure, other services can help you scan news sources for mentions or changes in your Google results – But few services can accurately help you figure out what people are saying about you on internet forums. Yet that’s where many [...]

Making Money Online With Online Reputation Management – Part 1

Me On the Web Me On the Web is Google’s way of helping people manage their online brands. Using Me On the Web, you can create a profile to put your best foot forward, setup alerts to help you figure out when people are talking about you and attempt to remove negative items related to [...]

Make Money Online With Pinterest – Part 3

Finding People to Follow on Pinterest Part of the fun of Pinterest, is inviting and finding the friends you already know and finding new people with similar interests as well. This tutorial will show you how to find all those people and more. Invite and Friends Pinterest is by invitation only, so if you’re friends [...]

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