How To Use Hostgator #4

Getting Support from HostGator HostGator has great tech support. So any time you have a question or need help, you can contact them for assistance. Here’s how. Step 1: Decide What Type of Support You Need Do you need phone support, live chat support or would you prefer to use their support portal or ticket [...]

How To Use Hostgator #3

Building a Website with HostGator’s Sitebuilder If you’re not familiar with building websites you can still have a professional site built in just a short time using Sitebuilder, HostGator’s built-in website building software. There are thousands of pre-built templates to choose from and you can edit each one to your liking. The software walks you [...]

How To Use Hostgator #2

Sign Up For & Upgrade a HostGator Account A good web presence is vital to success. Part of your web presence includes having reliable, easy to use website hosting. HostGator is one of the world’s largest web hosting companies. It offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains on a single account (with most plans), reliable servers and [...]

How To Use Hostgator #1

HostGator cPanel Overview HostGator uses cPanel to manage your web hosting options. When you have time, you should look through everything offered and get to know it well. . In this demonstration, we’re going to touch on key areas that you may need to get started. cPanel is divide into sections with each section managing [...]

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