I am 43 years old, married to Marla for 17 AWESOME years and have two sons, Sam and Steven. We live in Alabama, USA – the “deep south” as you’ll notice from my accent on my videos. :)

Listen, if a country boy from Bama can make and living online then anyone can! To the left you see a photo of me and our boys from the annals of history!

My Internet Business Philosophy

Making your living on the internet is not hard. It’s just basic, solid business principles.

#1 Build your audience. People who want to hear from you and trust you.

#2 Create valuable products that help people. Or recommend valuable products that help people.

That’s how every business in the world functions. From your local restaurant to APPLE.

I opened my first business at the age of 20 - a fitness center. And for the past 23 years I’ve owned or been a partner in…

  • A restaurant
  • A mergers and acquisitions company
  • Real estate development
  • A mortgage company
  • Professional speaking and consulting
  • Youth ministry resource company
  • Advertising and graphic design

In other words, I am a true entrepreneur.

How does this help you?

I don’t want to run down our industry, but the vast majority of people “helping” other people make money online have only made money in the how to make money niche. They’ve never owned or operated a business. They’re just trying to convince people their products will make them a lot of money. You know this to be true if you’ve ever bought a product and found that the hype did not match the delivery.

Actually, there’s a famous internet marketer who failed at every single niche.Made ZERO money. A track record of total failure and was tens of thousands in debt from trying to make money online. Then he created a how to make money online product, got a big name friend to promote it and made a lot of money “teaching” people to do what he had never done.

That makes me sick.

That’s why I make my money online outside of the “internet marketing” niche. I have a successful public speaking site and a youth ministry site with over 3,000 members paying $10 a month (you can do the math on that.) :)

I have no doubt that you can legitimately make a living online.

You’ll learn real business. In Naked Online Income I share what I do to make a living online. Not theory, just solid business. My first web business was launched in 1997 and it’s still active and making money – and, of course, it’s not in the how to make money on the internet niche. How’s that for a track record? :)

Side note: If you are interested in the make money niche. I will show you how to enter the niche ethically and position yourself with integrity.

You’ll hear me say a lot and sign my emails with “Success is NOT an Accident.” You can learn to be successful. There are no magic beans or an “easy” button for online business. But you CAN create your own internet business and I will show you how.

And I will answer your questions personally. Each month I host Q & A LiveYou get to ask ALL the online business questions you want about ANY topic! You’re not stuck in a static program with no one to talk to. If I opened a Q & A Live site today I would charge $97 a month, but it’s included in Nicheology.

My Life Philosophy

I do not believe that business and life are separate. What I love the most about online business is that I get to do what I love every day… help people reach their dreams. And I get to do it that way I’m wired.

Maybe you’re like me. The structure of the corporate world just doesn’t fit. Commuting, clocking in and sitting in a cubicle isn’t your idea of the real life. You know you’re meant for something more.

My life radically changed Tuesday, May 4, 1993 at 11:14 a.m.. That’s the day my first wife, Sherri, passed away in my arms. Our son, Sam, was just 5 weeks old. And because of that I am driven to help other succeed so they can call the shots in their lives by being their for their family and friends, both with their time and finances.

Every life counts. You can make a difference while you are making a living online!

My Reason for Making Money Online

Yachts? A big house? A hot rod? Those are the images often used to convince you to that you should start making money online. Yes, it great to be able to afford such things, but you can make a long term impact with your income.jose

This is Sam, Steven and the Jose’. We get to help Jose’ and hundreds of other orphans because of online business. So I want to challenge you. Make money for you and OTHERS. Make a decision right now to impact the world with the money you make online! :)

Are you ready to get started? Are you ready to create your own internet business?

Success is NOT an Accident!

Paul Evans

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