Using Incentives For Extra Sales The vast majority of your prospects aren’t all that passionate about your offer. Truth is, they’re kind of lukewarm. They’re interested, but they’re not taking their credit card out. Instead of making a buying decision, they decide to “think about it.” Of course you know what happens: They forget about your offer. They don’t return to your store or sales page. Some of them may even make the conscious decision to NOT buy your product. So what can you do to get your prospects to get excited and take action NOW? Simple: Offer them an incentive if they order now. Do it right, and you’re virtually guaranteed to make more sales! Generally, an incentive can take two forms: 1. You offer a discount. One idea is the straightforward discount, such as offering a percent-off. Another ideas is to offer a discount on the overall package, such as by offering free shipping. Tip: You can even make it a limited-time discount so that your prospects feel a sense of urgency. 2. You offer one or more bonus products. Again, you can even make the bonus offer limited to increase the sense of urgency. Offering a discount is a pretty straightforward incentive. So let’s talk about how to offer a bonus as a buying incentive. Here then are the seven keys to offering bonuses that generate extra sales: Read all seven keys here…

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