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Me On the Web

Me On the Web is Google’s way of helping people manage their online brands. Using Me On the Web, you can create a profile to put your best foot forward, setup alerts to help you figure out when people are talking about you and attempt to remove negative items related to your brand.

Here’s how to use Me On the Web.

Step 1: Accessing Me On the Web 

You can access Me On the Web in your Google dashboard.

Go to: https://www.google.com/dashboard/.

Step 2: Update Your Profile

Google recommends keeping a profile updated so people who’re searching for you will be able to find precisely the information you want them to find.

To change your profile, click “Edit profile” in your dashboard.Google-Me-Edit-Profile

Then just click an area to edit your profile.Google-Me-Profile-Creation

Step 3: Setting Up Alerts

One of the main features of Me On the Web is the ability to alert you when something changes with the results that come up when you search your name.

Click “Set Up Search Alerts for Your Data” under “Me On the Web” in your Google Dashboard to set these up.Google-Me-Click-Setup-Search-Alerts

A new screen will pop up where you can choose what you want to be alerted for. Typically Google will alert you whenever the results for your name or email address change.Google-Me-Add-Alerts

If you want to setup custom alerts, for example to if you wanted Google to alert you whenever your business name was mentioned, just click “Add Alert.” You can add as many custom alerts as you want.Google-Me-Custom-Alerts

Step 4: Removing Content from Google

Let’s say that you used Google’s Me On the Web features and found a negative piece of content about you on the web. How can you remove it?

The first step is to get the webmaster to remove that piece of content. Google won’t do it for you. Google’s company policy is that they simply will not change search results to cater to individual people. They even refused their own CEO, Eric Schmidt’s request to do so when something negative about him came up.

To get an item removed, you need to first contact that website’s owner to get them to change it. After they’ve made the change, the negative result will still show up in Google for some time until they update their index.

If you’ve removed a negative item and need Google’s index to reflect that immediately, you can go through Google’s removal procedures to have that item taken out of the index. Here’s how.

Start by going to the removal request page:


Click “New Removal Request.”Google-Me-Custom-Alerts-New-Removal-Request

Enter the URL you want removed.Google-Me-Send-Request

Finally, select the reason you want it removed and hit the Request button.

These are the three main ways Me On the Web helps you manage your identity. It helps inform you when you’re mentioned online with Google Alerts, it helps you choose what information is displayed to the public with Google Profile and Google gives you an avenue to expedite the removal of negative items with their Google Remove interface.

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