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One of the most difficult places to manage your reputation is in internet forums. Sure, other services can help you scan news sources for mentions or changes in your Google results – But few services can accurately help you figure out what people are saying about you on internet forums.

Yet that’s where many communities are formed. It’s where a lot of people go to get advice and is often where people get their impressions of brands from.

Omgili makes it easy for you to figure out exactly what people are saying about you. You can easily identify the forum and the thread where you’re being talked about and can even actively participate if you choose.

Step 1: Type in Your Brand

Start by typing in your brand’s name. If you’re researching yourself, you can type in your own name instead.Omgili-Search-Box

Step 2: Using the Advanced Search

If you’re not getting the results you want right off the bat, you can use the advanced search to narrow it down. Just click the “Advanced Search” button under the normal search bar.Omgili-Advanced-Search

You’ll be given a wide number of different ways you can configure your search.

Step 3: Narrow by Activity

Once you get your results, you can narrow them down by time frame, minimum number of replies and minimum number of discussing users. Just drag the sliders to change these numbers.Omgili-Narrow-the-Search

Step 4: Table of Contents

Once you’ve performed your search and have refined your search, you’ll be presented with the table of contents. You can click on any of these results to learn more.Omgili-Table-of-Contents

You can also scroll down to learn more about each entry.

Step 5: Discussion Results

Omgili will pull up all the different results from various internet forums. This is what one result might look like:Omgili-Example-Results

Each result will give you a snippet of the discussion. To read more of the discussion, just click the link to the full thread. You can also click one button to start a discussion on Facebook with your friends.

Under each result will be a sampling of the various answers other people have posted in the discussion thread. Again, you can click the “read full thread” link to read all the answers.Omgili-Answer-Snippets
Step 6: More Searches

Once you’ve browsed your search results, if you want to learn more still, you can click one of the many “related searches” to see what else people are talking about.Omgili-Related-Searches

You can also narrow your searches down to only posts with images.Omgili-Related-Searches-Image-Search

Omgili is a powerful tool for figuring out what exactly people are saying about you on discussion forums all over the internet. You can use a very powerful search platform to create highly specific searches, narrow the results down by their level of activity and recency, preview them and find the original thread all within a few seconds.

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