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Setting Up Your Webinar and Branding

GoToWebinar has a lot of different options for setting up your webinar. You can setup different interfaces for users, custom questions for people signing up for your seminar, create profiles for presenters and more.
Here’s how to setup and brand your webinar.

Step 1: Click Schedule

After signing up for your account, click “Schedule a Webinar” to get your first webinar started.Go To Webinar

Step 2: Title and Description

Give your webinar a catchy title and description. The title and description will be shown on invitations and your registration page.Go To Webinar

Step 3: Set the Time and Date for the Webinar

When do you want your webinar scheduled?Go To Webinar

Step 4: Audio Settings

Choose the audio options for your conference. You can use the VoIP application, a call in phone number of both depending on what your audience wants to use.

You can also setup GoToWebinar with your own conferencing service.Go To Webinar

Step 5: Password the Webinar

If you want to password protect your webinar, just click the checkbox.Go To Webinar

Step 6: Give Your Webinar a Logo

To give your webinar an overall integrated feel, it often helps to upload your company logo. That’ll make it seem like the webinar is a part of your brand experience.Go To Webinar

Step 7: Choose a Theme

Select your theme and upload a custom theme image if you so choose. Different themes tend to work better with different brands, so try out all the available themes to see which works best for you.Go To Webinar

Step 8: Waiting Room Color

When your guests are waiting for you to arrive, what color do you want them to see? Again, the goal should be to create an integrated experience with your brand.Go To Webinar

Step 9: Presenters

To give your presenters credibility and to prepare your guests for the webinar, it often helps to give a bit of information on who will be speaking.

Put your presenter’s name, title, organization and a headshot photo of them in the “List Presenters” section.Go To Webinar

Step 10: Welcome Message

Write a warm welcome message that also “sells” users on staying in the seminar. This will help ensure that once people arrive at the webinar, they’ll actually carry through with staying on the seminar.Go To Webinar

Step 11: Choose Registration Fields

Choose what fields someone needs to fill out in order to register for the webinar.Go To Webinar

You can also create your own questions. Just fill in the “New Question” field, then fill out the possible answers to those questions.Go To Webinar

Step 12: Approval

Do you want to automatically approve users who join your webinar, or do you want to approve them manually? Select this option at the bottom of the webinar creation screen.Go To Webinar

Once you’ve filled out all the fields, hit save and you’re done! You’ve scheduled your first webinar.

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