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When you email your list about your virtual event you want them to open it so that they can read about your awesome event, get excited about it, and sign up. Now! But, it can be difficult to get people to open email today. There is so much spam and so much information that is useless going out every single day that unfortunately, even your list members might be blind to a good thing without a great subject line.

Aside from consistently sending out good information to your clients which will create good will, enthusiasm and trust between you and your audience having effective email subject lines can help. Creating effective subject lines takes practice, trial and error. But here are a few tips to help you come up with some great ones.

The number one trick is to segment your audience. Let those who sign up for your email list to decide what type of information they want. If they only want newsletters then you’ll have to save the hard-sell for someone else. If they sign up for special offers and promotions then you have every right to hard sell to them because they signed up for it and are, in fact, expecting it.

For Regular Newsletter Subscribers

  • Include your company name in the subject line so that your list members know exactly who the email is coming from.
  • Use the client’s name in the subject line to personalize it, and draw their eye to the email among all the others in their inbox.
  • Be consistent in how you title email subject lines so that your audience gets used to how you impart information to them.
  • Be straight forward in your email subject lines, don’t try puns or to be clever, straight forward is usually the best way to get the email to be opened and read.

For Special Offer Subscribers:

  • Do all of the above except in this case it is okay to put in the subject line information about a sale or other special offer to entice the recipient to open the email.

In general, it is important that your subject lines accurately reflect what is inside the email. That might be contrary to much of what you read but it’s true. Think of the emails that you open, why did you open it? If you trick your audience into opening an email they will not appreciate it. If you get your audience to open your emails by trickery you won’t feel good about it either. It’s better to be honest and say “We are inviting you to a virtual event!”  or “Enclosed is 20% off for a virtual event you can’t miss!”  or “[Name] You’ll be disappointed if you don’t attend this event!”

If you’ve taken the time to build a targeted list full of people who enjoy getting information from you, and you’ve treated them honestly it is more than likely that most of them will continue to open up information from you because you provide value. We have all heard that people buy from those whom they know, like and trust. Once someone has signed up for your mailing list, they have shown trust for you all you have to do now is keep it, let them get to know you and hopefully they’ll like you enough to attend your event.



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