Go to Webinar Part 3 Sending Out Invites

There are a few different ways you can send out invitations for webinars on GoToWebinar. It’s important to keep in mind that GoToWebinar is not an autoresponder system. That means that all your invites need to go through your own email system.

The three main ways you can invite people to a GoToWebinar meeting are:

1) Through forwarding GoToWebinar’s invitation.
2) Through creating your own GoToWebinar invitation.
3) Through using a mail client.
Let’s walk through the various ways you can send an invitation with GoToWebinar.
Step 1: Get a Copy of the Invitation

In order to be able to send other people invitations, you first need to get yourself a copy of the invitation.
Click on “My Webinars” on the left.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Then click “Email Me the Invitation.”Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 2: Copy the Link

If you have your own autoresponder, just copy the link from your invitation and send that out to your users.Go to Webinar Tutorials

When they click on the link, they’ll be taken to the webinar registration page.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 3: Forward the Invitation

Another way to send invitations is to simply forward the first invitation to the people you want to invite.
This is a nice and simple way to do your invitations. It’s not highly professional, so you might not want to use this approach if you’re trying to build a major brand. For close followers and friends however, it works just fine.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 4: Invitations to an Instant Meeting

GoToWebinar has a feature called GoToMeeting. These are essentially instantaneous webinars, limited to 25 people.

To send an invitation for a GoToMeeting, open the GoToWebinar software. Expand the “Attendee List” menu.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Then click “Invite Others” to open the invitations window.Go to Webinar Tutorials

GoToWebinar will open up your email client. Enter their email addresses and hit send.Go to Webinar Tutorials

These are the main ways to send invitations with GoToWebinar. Though their system doesn’t allow you to send emails directly, there are many ways you can send invites through your own systems.

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