Go to Webinar Part 4 Running Your Webinar

Knowing your software inside and out is critical to being able to run a smooth webinar. Before you run your webinar, it’s a good to take your software for a test drive to get used to its various features.

Here’s a walkthrough of the most important features of GoToWebinar.

Step 1: Starting the Screencast

Click the “Show My” button to begin showing your screen.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 2: Choose What to Show

Click the “Screen” button to choose what window to show.Go to Webinar Tutorials

You can select a specific window, your entire screen or a cleaned up version of your screen. The cleaned up version will avoid your start menu and the top of your browser window.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 3: Recording

If you want to record your webinar, click the “Start Recording” button.Go to Webinar Tutorials

To change where your recordings go or how things are recorded, click “Settings.”Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 4: Dashboard

Your webinar dashboard is where you can see the most important statistics for your webinar.Go to Webinar Tutorials

At a glance you can see how long your webinar has been running, how many people are on your webinar, how many people aren’t paying attention, how many questions have been asked and how many hands are raised.

Step 5: Audience View

Under audience view, you can see exactly what your screen looks like to your attendees.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 6: Audience List

In audience list, you can see all the people who are currently attending the webinar. You can invite others, mute everyone or put all the hands down as well.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 7: Audio

To see how well you’re being heard in bar form, go to the audio panel.Go to Webinar Tutorials

You can also change your audio settings by going to “Settings.”

Step 8: Polls

Polls make it easy to gather opinions and statistics from your audience.Go to Webinar Tutorials

To start a poll, click “Manage Polls.” The software will bring up the poll creation menu in your browser.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 9: Questions

The questions menu allows you to see what questions have been asked and what questions have been answered. You can also answer questions in this box, both publicly and privately.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 10: Chat

This is where you can chat in text with your participants.Go to Webinar Tutorials

Step 11: Drawing Tools

Presenters often find it useful to be able to highlight things on the screen with various drawing tools.
To use drawing tools, just click the pen-like object in the small left panel. Then select the kind of tool you want to use.Go to Webinar Tutorials

These are the most important parts of GoToWebinar’s many features. Make sure you do a test run of your webinar to get familiar with all these features before you start.

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