Webinars: 12 Ways to Market

Twelve Ways to Market Your Virtual Event

Even before you’ve chosen a topic, guest speakers, JV partners, and the technology you will use for your virtual event, you know that you’re going to have to market it. You can do a lot of marketing and planning simultaneously, these are listed in no particular order, but if you implement all of these marketing ideas for your virtual event you’re sure to have a winning, successful and profitable event. Try to start marketing 45 to 90 days prior to the event, rolling out different methods as you create the content.

  1. Sales Page — Creating an attractive and effective sales page with the right keywords, and right information that gets people to sign up is an important aspect of promoting any product. With a physical product you can practice and tweak and work on it, but with an event, there is a time limit so you must use best practices for sales pages and not reinvent the wheel at this time.
  2. Previews — Once you have some of your content developed for your virtual event you can give sneak peeks to potential attendees. This can be on a sales page, in an email, via YouTube or all channels because it will help get the word out. It can be a video, an audio, an eReport, interviews of the speakers or anything that promotes the virtual event.
  3. Sponsors  — When you sell a sponsorship make it a requirement that they also promote the event to their lists. If you are charging for the event, offer them an affiliate link, which gives them the opportunity to earn back some of their sponsorship fee. Make it simple for them to announce their sponsorship by providing graphics, badges, and copy to share with their list members.
  4. JV Partners — Any partners that you have should help promote your event too. Give them an affiliate link if you’re changing and they’ll be even more motivated. In addition, like with the sponsors make it simple by giving them the tools to promote.
  5. Guest Speakers – Part of the duty of a guest speaker should be to cross promote their appearance to their audience.  They will be promoted to your audience so it’s only fair that they are required to promote your event that they will be at.  You could include this information into a contract and you can make it simple by having content written, and a plan of action regarding marketing via email, social media and other avenues.
  6. Audience Members — When someone signs up to come to your virtual event offer them an affiliate link, a badge and other avenues to market the event to the people they know who might need the information you’ll be providing at the virtual event. Your best promoters will often be your participants.
  7. Article Marketing — Start article marketing immediately. You can’t sell anything in these types of articles but you can build your traffic and your list. Article marketing  can also establish you as an expert if the articles are well written and relevant.
  8. Vlogs — A vlog is a video blog, you can make them using your web camera, a flip camera or a video camera. They don’t have to be long, in fact it is better if they are short so that your viewer will stay interested. You can even ask clients to do vlogs bragging about you to garner even more interest.
  9. Blogs — Blog on your own blog, guest blog, do a blog tour, and have contests that others can do in order to get the word out about your virtual event.
  10. Social Media — Tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media including forums that you’re a part, are places that you should definitely talk about your virtual event. Keeping people informed in all channels is imperative to the success of your virtual event.
  11. Press Release — Even though you’re having a virtual event you should absolutely send out a press release announcing the event and sharing the story of your guests.
  12. Email Newsletters — Last but not least use your email list to its full advantage and send out information early to those who have already entrusted you with their information. Give them a sneak peek, and make them feel special by giving a discount.


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