WordPress Optimization – Part 3

WordPress Amazon Associate

If you’re an Amazon associate and you’re running a WordPress blog, the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin can be a lifesaver. It allows you to easily insert links with your associate ID into your posts. It also lets you easily add Amazon widgets to the side of your blog, or even in individual blog posts.

You can find the plugin at: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-amazon-associate/

Here’s how to use the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin…

Step 1: Go to WordPress Amazon Associate’s Settings

To begin the setup process, go to the Settings tab.

Step 2: Insert Your Associate IDs

Grab your associate IDs from Amazon and insert them into your settings. This will allow WordPress Amazon Associate to automatically insert your associate ID in all your widgets, posts and product links.

Step 3: Setup Widgets

One of WordPress Amazon Associate’s main features is the Amazon Widgets. To access it, first go to your widgets section.

Click and drag any of the widgets you want to use to their corresponding nav bar.

What do these different widgets do?

Amazon Carousel: Creates a horizontal product carousel. Basically, a bunch of book covers that rotate across the screen.

Amazon MP3 Clips: Puts an album cover in the widget, which people can click on to play an MP3 preview.

Amazon Omakase: Shows a box with different products in it, along with price and images.

Amazon Search: Puts a search box so users can look for Amazon products.

Amazon My Favorites: Puts a box up showing just your favorite products.

Amazon Product Cloud: Shows a cloud of Amazon products.

Step 4: Add or Edit a Post

The other area where WordPress Amazon Associates shines is inserting links in posts. To do this, first access the post editing screen either by creating a new post or editing an old one.

Step 5: Click the Amazon Button

Click the Amazon button to access the drop down menu of insertion choices.

The six widgets are exactly the same as above, but inserted inside a post rather than in a sidebar.

The “Product Link” option allows you to insert links to specific products on the Amazon site. Click the “Product Link” tab to access the link insertion screen.

Step 6: Insert a Link

To insert a link, just fill out the link insertion form. The plugin will then automatically fill in your associate ID and generate the link.

Step 7: Find a Product

If you don’t have a specific product in mind already, you can search for the product right in the WordPress Amazon Associate interface.

Just click the “Product Search” tab and type in the product name, category or keyword.

It’s that easy! You’ve just learned how to setup your associate ID, add widgets to your sidebars and/or your posts, insert Amazon links in your posts and find new products to promote all within your existing WordPress setup.


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