WordPress Optimization – Part 4

AdSense Integrator

AdSense integrator makes it easy to put AdSense code almost anywhere on your blog. Instead of copying and pasting code into templates or posts manually, which can get very messy, this plugin makes it as easy as checking a box. The plugin information can be found here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/adsense-integrator/

Here’s how to setup and use AdSense Integrator…

Step 1: Go to Settings

Click on the AdSense Integrator settings on the left hand side of your admin panel to start the setup process.

Step 2: Pick an Ad Name

Choose a name for your ad. This is just for your own identification purposes and won’t be seen by site visitors.

The system doesn’t allow spaces, so make sure your ad names are just one word.

Step 3: Paste in Your AdSense Code

Copy and paste your AdSense code into the text box.

Step 4: Select Repetitions

Choose how many times you want this ad to appear on a page. Keep in mind that more than 3 AdSense ad units on any given page is against the Terms of Service.

Step 5: Select Display Positions

Where do you want your ads to show up? Use the simple checkbox system to select where the ad units will be displayed.

Step 6: Choose Where Your Ads Are Displayed

Choose which pages the options you just selected apply to. If you want different settings for different kinds of pages, just create a separate ad for each different kind of page.

Step 7: Set Your Margins

How much white space do you want around your ad units? Getting just the right amount of white space can help make your ad units look a lot more professional.

The first box is where you specify what the measurement unit is. For example, you can use pixels (px) or em. Just type the unit type in the first box.

Then in the other four boxes, type in how much white space you want.

Once you’re finished configuring the ad unit, just hit “Save Your New AD!” to push the changes live.

Step 8: IP Bans and Filters (Optional)

If you want to make sure certain IP addresses don’t see your ads, just filter them out here.

If you leave the alternate blank, it’ll just prevent them from seeing ads. If you put an alternate, that’s what they’ll see instead.

Step 9: Manual Embed

If you want to manually embed the ad in your posts or pages, just use the code generated by AdSense Integrator.

For example, in this case all you’d need to do is put in your theme’s code if you wanted to embed it manually. Or you could put to insert it in any post.

Remember to always view each page affected by the plugin after you’ve saved your changes to make sure it looks right.

That’s how to setup AdSense Integrator. This plugin makes it much easier to add AdSense code to pages and posts without having to edit complex css codes or put code into your theme templates.

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